Hi folks hows it going welcome to Myvirginkitchen
i’m here today with Snow White aka Phoebe we’ve been asked to have a go at making Mickey
Mouse cookies. Right so we’ve been asked to make these cookies
by Gemma Beesley on Facebook, can you say thankyou Gemma Beesley? Thank you Gemma Beesley.
Awesome and she told us about his Disney sweets and cakes magazing which I believe is available
Internationally and on the front cover they’ve got these Mickey Mouse cookies so that’s what
we’re gonna try and make. The magazine itself came with this mould thing which I guess you
could make yourself but to to be honest Iwanna make them look that good. Are you excited
? Yeah.. Um your Minnie Mouse costume is up in the loft as you grew out of it right? Yeah
it’s too small yeah so just have to make do with snow white yeah!? Happy with that ? Cool.
Alright Phoebe are you ready my friend? yeah! wow, that was exciteable gimme 5 yeah! Ok
so you’ve got the butter and sugar there, whack that into the mixing bowl and use a
spatula to sort of cream it together alright. That is looking amazing so what are you gonna
do with that? oh you’re eating it! I knew you’d do that, what are you gonna do mix it
together for me ? yeah get your germs in there thanks.
Right there you go just give it a little drop ok that’s fine no more ok mate, wow you’ll
be an alcoholic when you’re older won’t you. Careful mate you aren’t a DJ in a nightclub,
alright cool that has sort of combined stop snow white. What we’re gonna do here is add
the egg, do you wanna crack the egg in? Love eggs, hold that please.
When I crack eggs i’m really good because I don’t get any shell in it, but sometimes
I do. Yeah is that good or bad? bad. Why what does shell do? Make your poorly, it does yeah
so crack you egg mate let’s do this. Oh yeah, no shell. Gimme 5 with the shell
in your hand yeah alright! Mix the egg in, go on then go for it snow
white where are your dwarfs they should be doing this for you they’re tired. Mix it together
that’s good. Mix it together but just want to say Phoebe
is using a spatula today why are you doing that mate?
Because when you are cooking it helps you to get all of the stuff off the sides when
you’re cooking. Yeah that sort of is like a personal fettish of mine that I have passed
on to Phoebe spatulas are like amazing and scraping every little bit wipe it clean right
mate? yeah. Would you like your very own spatula for Christmas? She doesn’t like them that
much combine it well together please. Snow white, what is that mountain of snow
looking stuff you’ve got all over the table & a little bit suspiciously on your face?
Not snow it’s flour, is it plain or self raising?! …… that’ll catch you out won’t it!
And so we pour the flour in the bowl, hold that please I will hold the spatula you’re
being very dominant today nice now what are we gonna do want this? yeah go mix through
my friend. Right so i’ve been given the short straw here
Phoebe has given me the dough and i’ve got my hands stuck in, I thought this was the
messy fun bit that you want to get involved in? Yeah, but it looks like yellow play doh,
so why don’t you wanna play with yellow play doh? no. why not?
snow white never gets dirty Snow white is a little dive right now huh? yeeeeh yeeeeeh
right mate where’s our mixture gone? it’s gone in the fridge it has and it didn’t fit
in that main bowl so we put it in a smaller one – and we’ve got a bit of tidying up to
do right snow white? You’re supposed to be helping daddy clean
up, no but you’re meant to be doing it because you’re not a princess well I know i’m not
a princess but aren’t you gonna help me? no. proper diva today aren’t you.
That is a massive smiley face are you happy about something? Yes. You must have done your
puzzle did you finish it?yes. Amazing so while you were doing that the dough was chilling
i’ve actually rolled out a third of that by the way, I had to use extra flour ok do you
understand that? yeah because otherwise it would get stuck and you didn’t wanna do that
step did you? Because princesses don’t do rolling out that’s what you said? Yeah because
they pick flowers yes that’s great so I also lined baking trays with some greaseproof paper
and a bit of butter so do you wanna do the fun bit of cutting out the mickey mouse shapes
then?yeah. What does it look like Snow White?! uh wow it’s an upside-down Mickey Mouse amazing
left your template thing out oh yeah. Right that mickey rolling was kind of intense
right? yeah and i’m gonna show you how to play bat ball go on then it’s easy watch me.
Amazing right ok our oven is pre-heated and our mickey’s are ready just reduced it down
to six because there’s a lack of baking trays. I haven’t finished yet, sorry carry on, people
are here for the Mickey’s though right. Right so whack…. (phoebe copies what Barry
says) whack those cookies….(phoebe copies what
Barry says) Whack the cookies in the oven to firm up (phoebe
copies what Barry says) put them in the oven. Alright so they’ve baked in the oven and fully
cooled down, i’m gonna ice a couple of these myself and then let Phoebe have a go.
Ok so let’s have a go at decorating one i’ve got a black icing pen and i’m just gonna go
round the edges first of all and just do all the outlines actually. dadaa that’ll do i’ve
actually got some icing sugar that I mixed with water and black food colouring to on
side and also the same just obviously water and icing sugar so go for the white bits and
get that in there. Right so i’m spooning the icing on very carefully
with a teaspoon because I don’t have any of that pro stuff now i’m just working it into
the corners with the skewer it’ll take some time but we’ll get there.
There we go then guys that’s done the best I can lets use the black icing sugar now,
so i’m spooning some icing sugar dollops on there and i’m just gonna work them out in
slow circles with the back of a spoon and then use a skewer on the fine edges – oh yeah!
Alright i’m pretty happy with that just gotta sort out the red tongue now – scary times.
There we go then folks just a tube of red icing has sorted that out snow white what
do you think of that my friend? that’s really cool amazing uh I haven’t got the time today
to do all six so i’m probably gonna do one or two more and then do you wanna try one?
yes cool lets do it. Right i’m really happy I made two Mickey’s
because i’ve got two princess’s I got Snow White over here hello making mine and hiyaaa
hiya alright mate? This is little Chloe who is gonna be videos soon she’s getting old
enough now bit clumsy aren’t you mate!? Righty ho then folks i’m here with my 2 princess’s
snow white and princess Chloe I ripped the ears off one of the mice like so you guys
can tuck in right and this i the one that Phoebe made for me if you are wondering so
she had a good go didn’t you mate so what does it taste like?! These girls are loving
it remember it’s not our recipe it’s from Disney cake and sweets magazine, check out
the magazine and give it a go yourself that is how you make the mickey mouse cookies.
The icing sugar is not fully set yet so they look like goths or auditioning for the new
batman joker. Phoebe are you a goth? yeah. What’s a goth? it’s a man who has a type of
chocolate beard hahaha