Welcome to Hygiena’s instructional video on
MicroSnap Coliform for milk samples. MicroSnap Coliform has AOAC approval for the
detection of Coliform in milk to a spec of less than 10 CFU per ml but some dairies may
wish to operate a tighter specification of 1 CFU per ml or less. To achieve this tighter
specification, a larger volume of enrichment broth is required to directly test 1ml of
milk. In this video, we will cover: product details,
storage and shelf life, the materials you will need, and how to properly enrich the
sample, and detect coliform. MicroSnap Coliform is a rapid test for the
detection and enumeration of Coliform bacteria in milk products. Together, MicroSnap Coliform
and the EnSURE luminometer measure the coliform bacteria present in a sample.
Test results are delivered in 15 seconds and are measured in Relative Light Units or RLUS;
so the greater the amount of bacteria, means the higher the RLU number, and the higher
the CFU count. Here are some important features about the
product: The Enhanced Nutrient Broth is a non-selective
protein solution that enables low level enumeration of milk samples in 8 hours.
The Detection device works just like chromogenic media but instead of changing color, we illuminate
the bacteria useing a bioluminogenic test reaction that generates light when enzymes
that are characteristic of Coliform react with specialized substrates. Results are available
in 8 hours and can detect down to single figure organisms, enabling MicroSnap to give same-shift
results. The luminometer uses a small yet robust internal
sensor that objectively measures contamination so that you don’t have to count colonies.
This graph compares the time to results of low level Coliform detection methods. On average,
MicroSnap produces results twice as fast as other available methods. By speeding up time
to results, you can reduce potential risk by reacting to contamination and taking immediate
corrective action for future production runs, ensuring your customer always gets the best
quality product. MicroSnap products have a 12 months shelf
life and should be kept in cold storage. The materials you will need include: a 1ml
milk sample, a pipette and tips for 1 and .1ml , 1 Enhanced Nutrient Broth vial, an
incubator capable of 37 C, a MicroSnap Coliform detection device, the EnSURE luminometer,
a vortex mixer and a timer of your choice. Let’s get started. MicroSnap is a 2 step test.
The first step is the enrichment step. Allow the enhanced nutrient broth and milk
sample to acclimate to room temperature. Write the product ID on the Enhanced nutrient
broth label for easy identification Remove the cap. And then pipette in 1 ml of
milk sample directly into the Enhanced Nutrient Broth tube.
Replace the cap. And shake by hand or vortex for 10 seconds
Incubate the enrichment device at 37 C for 8 hours.
8 hrs The second step is detection.
Allow the Coliform Detection device to acclimate to room temperature before testing begins.
Write the location or product ID on the tube label for easy identification
Holding the tube upright, forcefully flick the detection device in a downward motion.
This will bring droplets of chemistry to the bottom of the tube.
Open the Detection Device by twisting and pulling to remove the bulb. Place the device
in a rack, with the bulb loose. Remove the ENB vial from the incubator and
mix by hand-shaking or vortexing for 10 seconds to disperse sample.
Unscrew the Enhanced Nutrient Broth cap. With one hand, grab the Detection Device.
With your other hand, Use a pipette, to aseptically transfer 0.1ml of enriched sample directly
into the Detection Device tube. Replace the bulb on the Coliform detection
device The easiest way to activate MicroSnap is to
hold the device in your first and use the thumb and forefinger to break the Snap-Valve
by bending the bulb forward and backward. Next, Squeeze the bulb 3 times to release
all liquid to bottom of tube. Then shake for 5 seconds
Incubate MicroSnap Coliform for 10 minutes at 37 ± 0.5 °C.
Meanwhile, turn on the EnSURE luminometer. If you’ve programmed locations, navigate to
the appropriate location for this test. After 10 minutes of incubation, immediately
insert the Microsnap detection device into the read chamber, close the lid, and press
“OK” to initiate measurement. Results will be displayed in 15 seconds.
In this example, a result of 6 RLUs is a pass and indicates less than 1 CFU of Coliforms
are present. Whereas in this example, a result of 590 RLUs is a fail, and indicates less
than 50 CFU of Coliforms are present. For further interpretation of results, refer
to the table in the MicroSnap Enhanced Nutrient Broth Kit insert for Coliform detection in
Milk samples, available on www.hygiena.com To ensure you get the most out of your monitoring
system, and to be able to run charts and graphs with your test results and quickly set pass/fail
limits, use SureTrend software and sync to your meter. Learn more at hygiena.com
To properly dispose of MicroSnap devices, disinfect by autoclaving or soak in 20% bleach
for 1 hour. MicroSnap may then be safely discarded in the trash.
Another product milk processors may be interested in is MicroSnap Total, a 7 hour test for total
viable count results for milk samples. Learn more at hygiena.com.
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