He’s the doctor who likes
to walk the talk and this time he is
prescribing mentors to rangatahi in Te Tai Tokerau. Northland’s Dr Lance O’Sullivan’s
Moko Foundation has launched a programme that pairs
up youngsters with Maori business, education, health
and entertainment leaders. Irena Smith has more. He’s known for uplifting
his people, and now a new venture
has been launched focusing on the leaders of tomorrow. Moko Foundation has launched. It is a mentor programme pairing 120
young people from Northland with leaders in business, education
and performing arts professionals like Cliff Curtis. Many leaders have come
out of the north, but this programme is looking
at a fresh way to uplift and support
the success of young people. The region has long been
under social and economic pressures but it is hoped these young people
will help to lift the poor outcomes of their people. With that thought in mind
the young group will be supported to the heights they dream of
for the benefit of themselves and the generations to follow. Irena Smith, Te Karere.