Hi, It’s Mica Fit One of the questions I get usually asked, is not only the way I train, but also what I eat. It is true that training is not everything in work out, there is also nutrition ! That is what makes us improve well. I essentially eat meat, eggs and fish. My side dish varies between rice, pasta and green vegetables. But I also eat according to my goals and feelings. I look if there is a little too much fat or if we can’t see the abs enough So that means I will reduce the amount of food, and also try to reduce my intake of carbohydrates and lipids. And if I see that I’m lacking energy, strength,
or that I want to gain more muscular mass … In this case I will increase my daily water, usually between 2 up to 4 liters of water a day, I also increase my food portions. I will try to favour more meat and more carbs .. Now I will show you what I will eat in my daily life. So, what do I eat in the morning? What I love is the 100% pure squeezed orange juice or soy milk. Sometimes semi-skimmed milk,
simply because it has a better taste for me. Chocolate powder to add flavour to milk and oatmeal. Otherwise I like biscuits or famous rice cakes. I also love slices of bread with butter and jam in the morning. All this food that I have presented is what I eat in the morning, but also during the day when I’m hungry. This is called a small snack before training or after if my dinner is too late (because I usually train at evening) At noon and in the evening, I essentially favour
natural foods rich in protein and carbohydrates. Again, we’ll have meat, fish, eggs, turkey breast, chicken breast, tuna. (…) Besides the meat, eggs, fish, tuna … well the food naturally rich in protein, I also put an intake of carbohydrates (pasta, rice). Besides that, lentils, spinach, salsify, or broccoli. In what I have presented, beans that I regularly eat for lunch or evening are also missing. Fruits are also missing For Lunch or for dinner, I eat the same food. Only at noon I will encourage more pasta
to have a greater carbohydrate intake for energy for future workouts. And in the evening it’s turned green vegetables
but always served with naturally protein-rich food. I also do some “cheat meals” sometimes. For example, if someone propose me to go to Mc Donald’s, I will not say no. Unless I have competitions, which means I have to control my weight etc… It’s the same when I’m home and I want candies,
I will not say oh no no no, diet diet diet ! No… If we are too strict with ourselves,
we can not perform on the long-run I usually eat the morning, at noon, the afternoon before training and the evening : 4 meals a day. It is not huge compared to other bodybuilders or fitness models, who eat up 6-8 meals a day … I have presented my diet ad my eating plan now. I hope it helped you now go train yourselves hang on