Hi guys! My name is David John Jeffery
and I’m coming to you again with another demonstration of the Morphy Richards Breadmaker. I’m going to do this section like live real time and then I’m going to
pause it and then I’m going to record the rest
when I produce. Basically today we’re going to make a pizza, okay? And this is
the probably the easiest recipe out there, although some of it will require
the use of the oven which is a bit of a pain because you think with the bread maker
it’s supposed to speed things up a little bit quicker. It does, but there are other
bits of activity required, which is great because some people like to be in the
kitchen, want to make it quick and easy but still want to get their hands in on
it, then that’s good for you. Okay? So all we need first is we need flour, sugar
fast-action yeast, salt, butter and water. Okay this is the tub for the Breadmaker. So you have to do it in order of the instructions which i’m going to be
following as we go along. Okay? So the first thing we need is a cup of water
which I will just pour in and you have to do in order. Okay? Then we need a tablespoon of
butter. So here this the butter and it’s melted butter, not quite melted but
melted-ish. It’s better if it’s like liquidy melted but it doesn’t make too
much of a difference. Then you need to add two tablespoons of sugar. Now one teaspoon of salt. So I didn’t
measure it. I just got a rough idea of what a teaspoon equates to. It’s not an exact science as always. Now I need
two and a half cups of flour. Okay? Now you’re supposed to use strong
flour. I haven’t got strong flour on this occasion so I’m gonna use plain flour. It
does still work, it’s just the dough comes out a little bit more elastic when you use plain flour rather than strong flour, but there you go.
We’ll need that later on so let’s see so I need two and five cups of this and literally I’m just using a plastic
top when it comes to cups as I’ve said in other videos it doesn’t matter as
long as as long as the water cup is the same as the flower Cup it works out I’m
using one of those okay it does come with its own cup I have you safe but I
like these plastic cups it’s just easier for me and now the most important
ingredient of all which is the yeast in us with one teaspoon
this comes in sachets a sachet is about five teaspoons in total so because I
need one teaspoon on this occasion I’m actually gonna measure it out into the
pocket teaspoon itself other than in other videos where I’ve just basically
dr. I’ll move it go that’s done right now once that’s done and you put all
those bits together all you got just put it in the machine for me it’s program
eight on the menu menu button program eight start
and then one and a half hours later it bleeps to say it’s done I’m going to
carry on recording at that time so it’s been an hour and a half since we
last had a conversational tone for you a tween momentary and we’re going to take
that up that’s what it looks like
I like to lay down a serious amount of flour on the surface before I start
because I know I’m going to need it and that would be a lot of excess I felt
you can live in that it’s only small mouth but I like to save it every single
every single bit though just beyond this is the
the piece that goes inside that spins around and needs up a bow and everything
she don’t need too much work on this side for me it’s just a matter of
covering it flour so that the know itself does not stick to the wrong now
it’s worth noting that this is too big for a pizza if you want
a deep pan pizza this is perfect but if you want the thin crust split it into a
one to one side and then start rolling out so you want to roll to the size of
your pan this tends to give I’d say like a 12-inch 12 inch luggage continental not that’s Tom Coughlin that is about the size yes Father
so that’s the size that you’re gonna get out of half of the dough okay it’s really nice because it’s warmed up
and it’s don’t have to do this Duke for your benefit
but yeah it’s pretty easy this require much
effort really was anomalous breadmaker that need a mathematical size okay so that should be enough funny just slide it nicely on Japan
use any time you like sometimes I use a sweat pants sometimes I use a circle pad
but last night out there try and cover all the areas like so
and then just gonna get some basic sauce so cover the whole pizza like so or as
much as you can anything touch the side like that is
gonna end up burnt so be careful and the great thing about putting
mushrooms on is that when it cooks when pizza cooks the cheese boils the
mushrooms and make some real soccer so you don’t even have pre cooker I was like an even spread that’s pretty much cupboard so I have
decided to do a fried egg well couple of fried eggs on my pizza and to do this I’m gonna need a frying
pan the eggs she’s gonna bring this plate down to put
the front complete the fried eggs on so I’ve got them separated and place them
into the pizza sometimes get the shell in the egg you
need set bright back do not want a crunchy feature you do however want to
put the egg on both sides you don’t want a runny yolk and just cook the egg so not so it
becomes brown on the outside but just so it’s cooked all the way through so just as it started to brown doesn’t have to be exactly perfect in
weight six bones it cooks because when it’s inside pizza
give me covered in cheese gonna need a coil and that while I’m going this one I’m
going to make look lucky if you find that the egg yolk not the
yolk but the white is not cooking properly on the pan just go that this
today and it starts moving around it will stop cooking that scent of it okay
last one now and I’m doing poor because I’m trying to
make two pizzas so this is one pizza though two weeks for the first pizza and
then two eggs for the second pizza there we go let’s be eggs in fact
put this one here and I can do a couple more eggs on the next one anyway right
so now I’ve got that to put this to one side now we just got the cheese now you can use any cheese I personally
use cheddar so basically when I do the cheese i
just–literally great everything at the top in the middle big pile of cheese and I put on big great because life’s
just easier really if I was do the small grapes it would have the same effect in
the oven just it’s hard it’s great but not sliced it’s definitely not slices it
has to be grated all right so see that’s about 250 grams of cheese spread them
all spread it around evenly make sure everywhere is covered make sure every
mushroom is covered otherwise it won’t cook properly with
these eggs eggs it’s going to taste a bit like on them anyhow so make sure you
go the chief gets right to the edges on those sides otherwise it will just wrong that’s done so that’s how we want it to
look Mac is going to go into the oven and I’ll take it out lay in a minute and
I’ll show you the results put it in the oven for about 20 minutes on gas mark 5
or 6 yeah so you can see
fucking stuff it’s nice solid it tastes amazing okay well I hope
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