– Alrighty, welcome to New Apple
Arcade games episode eight. This time we are looking at four new games which have arrived. Be sure to stay to the
end of the video though, because I’ll be updating you on two upcoming Apple Arcade
games and four current games which are receiving big
software updates very soon. Number one is Butter Royale. It was only a matter of
time before Apple Arcade saw a battle royal game. Butter Royale is a more family friendly version of this genre. For instance, all the different guns launch food at players, and there is a flood of butter
that closes in on the map. It’s all quite silly but it’s quite funny. There are three game
modes to choose from here. Versus AI, which is played offline, Solo Online Multiplayer and
Squads Online Multiplayer. Each mode will involve 32 contestants who drop onto Butter Island, and battle to be the last one standing. You’ll earn rewards based
on your match performance, and this will allow you to unlock different character customization options, buy various prizes, and
unlock season awards. I have a few suggestions
that Mighty Bear Games can maybe look into. I think you should add a role mechanic, so you can better avoid
shots from other players. Next, give weapons much more ammo because you run out of food
bullets far too quickly. On macOS, please get rid
of the Mac mouse icon. And last, I don’t know how I feel about the daily limit cap for earning
XP, cookies, and prices. Is it possible that maybe
could just be unlimited? I’ve only been playing for
a few hours but it just, it was annoying that I couldn’t
unlock any more prices. That’s just how I feel. Also, if you didn’t know this
game supports controllers and it’s really good with a controller. – [Game character] Things
are heating up in here! (gunshot sounds) Number two, we have Kings of the Castle. Kings of the Castle is a multiplayer first-person speed-runner, a scavenger hunter and a
fairy-tale, all wrapped into one. It’s worth noting though that,
this isn’t a narrative game. The goal is to get to the castle and try to rescue the princess,
in the fastest time you can. You can do this by exploring the island, finding hidden gems,
secret paths, and so on. There is a great amount of depth here, then you might initially assume. I asked the developer Frosty Pop, what was the inspiration behind your game? They replied saying, “I am trying to reproduce the
playful analogue experiences “of my childhood in digital form “(first one to the top of the hill wins!). “I also wanted to make
sure that my 10 nieces “had a game they could
empathize and relate too; “to inspire them to perhaps “do something / be something greater “than the traditional damsel in distress “trope found in fairy tales”. Frosty Pop have told me that more content will come in future updates, i.e., more levels, characters, and other multiplayer updates. It also features controller
and 60 FPS gameplay, on all Apple devices. (playful gameplay music) Number three is No Way Home. Here we have a story-based,
2D space combat game, brought to you by SMG Studio. You play as Cho, and will explore and try to survive in a strange galaxy, filled with bizarre
aliens, dangerous monsters, and a great amount of loot to collect. SMG have used a procedural universe, so every game is unique, and there a multiple paths
to take on your journey. Talented voice artists
have jumped on board with No way Home. – [Cho] Your ship exploded. All passengers and crew are likely dead. You’re in a crummy safety
pod and you’re all alone. – Cho is actually voiced by
YouTuber and singer, Sapphire. – [Matey] Accessing datacore… – You’ll also have a robot
friend, that assists you. This robot is voiced by Mick Lauer, who has done voice-overs
roles in games such as Sekiro, – [Swordsman] You said I’d
find a cowardly wolf here. – A Hat in Time. – [Game character] That
is all I can sell for now. – Paladins. – [Game character] Pounding
you is very cathartic. And League of Legends. [Game character] – For Demacia. – The gameplay is really fast, challenging is incredibly
fun and addicting. My favorite part of the game
though, is the sound design. Playing on my Apple TV
4K with Dolby Atmos, made me appreciate all
work put into the music, gun shots, explosions and even the little screams or vocals from the aliens when you shoot at them or see them. No Way Home supports
controllers on Apple devices. I think this is also the way
that it should be played. It’s really great with the controller. It can be played with the touchscreen but I prefer a controller. More content, stories and features will be added in the future. Number four, we have Doomsday Vault. This was the first Apple
Arcade release of 2020, back on the 2nd of January. It couldn’t have come at
a more perfect time too, as it teaches you to look
after planet earth… which as we all know, is
not in good shape right now, especially here, in my country Australia. You see in Doomsday Vault, the Earth’s climate has collapsed, and players will go into missions to collect the remaining plant life. Then you return the seeds to your Vault and try to regrow the plant life. On your voyage to find seeds, you’ll restore the environment
using Carbon Eaters, avoid dangerous drones,
navigate desolate landscapes, flooded cities, and dilapidated buildings. You’ll explore around in a robot suit. This suit comes with special abilities, that can allow you to gain
access to more challenging areas. The game has nice 3D environments too. There were moments when I would just stop, and just admire the attention to detail put into the post-apocalyptic backdrops. We also have support for controllers, and even the Siri Remote on Apple TV. Doomsday Vault is made
by developer, Flightless. They have told me they
are working on updates, with more regions, puzzles and challenges. And here are those bonus games. Winding Worlds is an upcoming
puzzle-adventure experience. It’s the follow up to KO_Op’s
award-winning game, GNOG. They were going to release
Winding Worlds in 2019 but needed more time to put
finishing touches on the game. According to the developer, “The team is once again “exploring simple and intuitive gameplay “by turning the surface
of your touch device “into a direct link with the worlds, “characters and timelines of the game”. Recently they shared this little movie, which reveals the main character, Willow. No release date has been revealed. Spyder, which is a working title, is another upcoming Apple Arcade game. This one by Sumo Digital, the talented folks behind Snake Pass. Spyder is said to be inspired by 60s and 70s spy flicks and TV shows. So you play as a Agent 8 here, a tiny little spider robot. I really like the aesthetics
of the game, so far. I really love playing Snake
Pass on my Nintendo Switch, so I’m hoping this game
still has that, you know, difficult element to it. I know some don’t like it but
I just think it’s really funny when you stuff up and you
know, it’s a funny game. Spyder is estimated to
release in Spring 2020. The Cloud Garden Update for
adventure game Mutazione, is now available on Apple Arcade. This update includes, a standalone Cloud Garden,
which you can access anytime, more powerful controls and
natural gardening rhythms, new seeds, instruments and animals, and six new languages. A new multiplayer mode will be available for Towaga – Among Shadows
in the coming weeks. Sunnyside Games have
sent me some screenshots from the update and told be me
that this mode will include, a pvp arena-fight with up to
four players in local network. Platformer, Jumper Jon is about to receive its Chapter 2 update. This update will include, new scenarios to explore, new characters to meet that will help Jon, and new enemies are also coming. Jumper Jon is an episodic
game if you didn’t know and will receive a total of
five chapters in the end. 3D Platformer, Dodo Peak
has a new Ice Age chapter, bringing the following new content, ten exciting new levels, epic dodo outfits to unlock, weekly challenges, where you will be able to compete against players
from around the globe and more powerful and strong enemies. So, what do you think
of these latest games? What about the two upcoming games? Let me know in the comments. I’m excited to see where
Apple Arcade goes in 2020. What about you? Leave a like if you enjoyed
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