unlike other juicers the Ninja Mega Kitchen System allows you to turn whole fruits and vegetable into delicious and nutritious drinks leaving all the
nutritionist pulp here’s an easy and simple way to get a
serving of fruits and vegetables this recipe combine some healthy greens and fruits for delicious nutrient complete
juice and makes on-the-go drinks for your busy
let’s try this healthy recipe together in the single serve cup add one peeled kiwi hald of a small banana half a cup of baby spinach 2 teaspoons of honey half a cup of white grape juice and a few ice
cubes top with the blade making sure to screw on
tight click it into the motor base and press the power button
for best results pulse the single-serve button three to four times for better consistency then hold until smooth look at the power of the single serve cup
it easily blasts all the whole fruits and vegetables into a nutritious
drink even kids would enjoy here’s a tip: if you like a smoother
consistency just blend longer or use more water based fruits and vegetables such as cucumber
and watermelon you may also add a little liquid to
achieve your desired consistency