Hi Bold Bakers, as you can see I’m on location
today. I’m on a busy street in Culver City in Los
Angeles and I’m gonna bake a recipe from my first cookbook with Jessica and Kevin. I have challenged them to make any recipe
out of my book with the limited space and limited equipment that they have in their
apartment. My book is all about getting anyone to bake
with confidence anytime, anywhere, so let’s go see what they do. So meet Kevin and Jessica, you guys recently
moved in together? Yep. And you graduated college recently? Yeah. So this is your lovely place in Los Angeles,
it’s quite intimate, this kitchen. Yeah a little cozy, it’s cozy that’s for
sure. And I’m guessing you guys don’t have a
huge amount of equipment in here. No we do not. So the guys very boldly accepted a challenge
to make any recipe out of my cookbook using whatever tools they find in their kitchen. I’m really, really excited. Kevin I have to know, on a scale of 1-10 what
are your baking skill level at? Oh man, probably a 3 out of 10. 3 out of 10 ok that’s reassuring. Jessica? I’d say maybe a 7 for baking. That’s really good! Ok, well I’m a ten. And together you’re a ten. So we’re like a 20 we’ve got this covered,
we’re gonna nail it. So here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna
give you my book and I want you to pick any recipe you want out of it and we are gonna
make it out of this lovely cozy kitchen. Perfect. Oh this looks super good this salted caramel
and peanut, ooh it’s a chocolate tart, ok, maybe this. Should we do this one? Yeah, I like it. Looks good. Ok Gemma, I think we found our recipe. I think we wanna go with this salted caramel
and peanut chocolate tart. This is one of my favorites and I’m very
happy because we don’t have to put on the oven, we’re gonna chill this in the fridge. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna take a few minutes, we’re
gonna ransack your kitchen and we’re gonna find all the equipment we need to make this
lovely dessert. Alright. So, for this recipe I need you guys to get
a small pot to make the caramel, a chopping board, we obviously need a 9” pie tin, we
need a rolling pin to make the cookie crust, a measuring jug if you have it, and also a
knife. Also grab a few bowls as well. So the base of this recipe, you guys, is my
signature salted caramel sauce, and this is very conveniently placed in the Bold Baking
Basics section of my cookbook. I think Jess, what we’re gonna do is double
up and make this, and then Kevin I’m gonna have you make the cookie crust for our tart. Yes! So lets see, we need a cup of sugar in the
pot. Alright. And then I’ll get you, is it half a cup
of water there? Yes. Ok Jess, what do we do now? Now it says heat the sugar and water on a
medium-low heat without stirring. That looks good. So here’s what you want to do. When making caramel, it’s kinda strange,
but you always have to let the sugar dissolve before you let it come to a simmer. If you don’t it can crystalize, so we’re
just going to let this dissolve we don’t want any bubbles appearing on the top, then
it’s gonna start to form a caramel and then we’ll add our ingredients. Ok great. So Jessica has our caramel under control,
Kevin here’s what I’m gonna get you to do. All you have to do is just bash up these cookies
until they’re nice and fine and this is gonna make our cookie crust. Awesome. Whatever works for you. With the rolling pin. Oh, with the rolling pin? See I literally have no clue what to do, sorry. I’m terrible at this. No you don’t need, this isn’t skill this
is just bashing. If you’ve bashed before then you can do
this. You can also use a food processor, but we
don’t have one of those we have a rolling pin and a chopping board, so you’ve gotta
make do with what you got. So when we were kids making cookie crust,
my mom used to put all the cookies in a plastic bag, and she’d give us a rolling pin and
we’d get on the floor and we’d just have at the bag. We didn’t have a food processor so that’s
what we did. So that’s another good option but I think
you’re doing really well here. Look it, they’re already there! I’ve come a long way. I really don’t like getting too dirty in
the kitchen honestly, so I just try to keep things neat, just kinda how I am. It’s kinda why I don’t go into the kitchen
that much to bake because of the whole process it’s just not my favorite process out there. And sometimes I get too caught up in just
not trying to make a mess and then just not fully doing the preparation right. Kevin can you measure two cups of cookie crumbs
into this bowl? So Kevin’s doing the crust over here, we’re
a few minutes off on this but it’s starting to turn you see that amber color it’s turning? Yeah. We’re ok with this I’ve got my eye on
this, so what we’re gonna do with Kevin is line the pie tin. I’ll bring you over the melted butter so
you can mix it into your stuff. Here’s a wooden spoon for you. That was my next question. That looks really good, you see what I mean
about the wet sand? Yeah it’s kind of, not soggy, but it’s
damp, you need it like that or otherwise your cookie crust will fall apart. So here I have, your guys’, your pie tin. Do you guys have cling wrap? Yes. Here’s what I do, I line my pie tin with
cling wrap, twice, so you can get your pie out after. Have you ever seen this trick before? No. Yeah I invented this trick, only me that’s
why you’ve never seen it before, it’s my trick. I like it, work smarter not harder. Exactly. So there you go, that’s it. So Kevin, now you have the job of shaping
this into the pie tin. Try to get it as evenly as you can all around
and try to get the crust to come up the sides. Ok good luck, oh jeez. Is this the best method you think? I’ll show you another method. Ok. I like to use my hands too, my clean hands,
I think you just get a better feel for it. So start with the sides and keep some to shape
around the bottom. There you go, lovely, it’s looking good
I’d say kind of compact it really quick and try to get it nice and tight. That’s it, that’s gorgeous. Do me a favor Kevin, pop this into the fridge
for around 5 minutes, let it. Set up while we finish our caramel. So it’s not too far away, with caramel you
have to be super super careful, don’t walk away from a pot of simmering sugar it’s
just a bad idea. It takes a long time to get to the caramel
stage, but when it does it happens really fast. So you always have to be close by just to
be safe. So Kevin, this is the chocolate that I randomly
found in your cupboard, a little bit of everything. What I want you to do, can you get two cups
of chocolate for me, chop them up nice and small, and I’ll get you working on the chocolate
ganache. Even if you want to just kind of run your
knife, if you kind of go like this and get them all at the same time, Kevin. Like that, and bits like that, that’s perfect. I feel like Jessica got the better end of
the deal here. I know right? I thought that you did Kevin. I thought I did as well! I actually did too I thought you were getting
the good end of the deal there. Jessica’s not even doing anything she’s
just standing over here. I’m just chilling. Really putting my non skills to work here. I love it I’ve been trying to teach him
how to chop for months now. Awesome, that’s great. Can you measure two cups of chocolate into
this bowl and we’re gonna use that for our ganache. So Jess, what do you think of this color? Oh yeah it looks like caramel to me. I’m just gonna swirl it a little bit. And it’s starting to smell, do you smell
it? I do. It’s not burning, it’s not smoking, it’s
got a lovely rich color. So here’s what I’m gonna do, I’m gonna
pour in this cream and I want you to stand back but whisk at the same time. Ok. Ok you ready? Ready. Keep whisking. You kinda feel the sugar stiffen underneath? Yeah. That’s totally normal. That’ll work itself out just keep on whisking. It kinda dissolves. Wow, yeah. I’m gonna add in some butter. Perfect. Now that’s a nice color, I want it to get
a little darker so we’re gonna let this simmer for a few more minutes. Ok. And keep whisking until the butter is dissolved. This is looking really good so you cook it
for around a minute or so. Then when you have it at the stage you want,
we are gonna turn off the heat. Great. Now this is a salted caramel sauce so we’re
gonna, the very last thing you do, once it’s off the heat you add in different flavors. If you wouldn’t mind Jessica would you add
in some salt there. About that much? Yeah that’s perfect. We’re just gonna eyeball it. So what we’re gonna do is just put that
over to the side, let that cool down completely, I’m gonna check on Kevin, once we get back
to it it’ll be ready to go to put into our pie. Great. So here Kevin, here’s your hot cream. So ganache is cream and chocolate, so just
pour that in there. I see we also have a bit of milk chocolate
in there, that’s nice it’ll be a nice balance, a little bit of sweetness to the
bitter. So what we’re gonna do is just leave this
over to the side, let that warm cream melt the chocolate we don’t want to stir it yet,
we want to leave it be and let it do it’s thing and in a little bit we’re going to
stir it when the has dissolved. But right now, luckily you had peanuts in
your cupboard, so these are salted roasted peanuts, so do me a favor can you measure
out half a cup, a generous half cup and just chop them maybe in half, just roughly to go
into the base of our pie crust. You keep going I’m gonna get the pie crust
this lovely pie crust that you made and then just go head Kevin and just scatter those
into the bottom of the pie crust. All of them. ok. So Kevin, I’m sorry, I thought I was giving
you the easy job, but because your caramel took so long you got all the jobs but you’ve
done awesome so far. Jess can you grab the caramel, got it. Look at that, gorgeous, it’s nice and cold. Did you taste it? No not yet, let’s see. Oh that’s yummy, it’s nice and salty. Kevin get in there. Oh nice, that’s good stuff. So Jess go in there, around a cup of caramel
just pour it all over. Alright, see how this goes. Kevin, on a scale of 1-10 how hard do you
think this dessert is so far? To make this dessert, with 10 being the most
difficult, this is about a 2.5 to a 3. Oh that’s great! Yeah, yeah. So here is the ganache, Kevin, that you made. Give that a little bit of a stir. Get that chocolate to come together. Which one of you minds pouring over the chocolate. Do you want me to do it? You can do it. Yeah. I thought I’d ask first. And all we want is a nice even layer of chocolate. Ok. Perfect. So there is your gorgeous pie that you made,
Kevin what is our next step. Gotta put it in the fridge. Put it in the fridge. So I know you guys are heading off to work
that’s gonna be in there for about 5 hours so you’ll have it for your dessert later
tonight. How do you feel that went, it went a lot better
than I expected I felt pretty confident in making that pie, I did all the hard work I
think making that pie, you did Kevin. I think it’s gonna turn out pretty nice
and I would not feel too nervous cracking one of your recipes and trying it out myself
honestly. Nice. Aw, yay. What about you Jess? I had a good amount of baking experience before
but I never made a caramel before so that was really exciting for me to finally check
that one off and yeah, I loved seeing you be able to do it perfectly, and I’m excited
to taste it. Well you’ll be very happy to know that Kevin
is getting an early copy of my book. Oh my gosh, yay. So you can make anything in there. Yes. Awesome. Thank you guys so much, so here’s what I
want you to do, check in with me later send me an update and let me know how your tart
is. Ok will do. I’ll let you know, thank. you. Great. Hey Gemma, we just got done with dinner so
you know what that means. It’s time to try some dessert that we made,
the tart. Wow that’s super good. It’s really good. We made this, wow, high five. Thanks Gemma. Thank you Gemma. 10 out of 10. 20, right? 20.