Salut👋Emojoie here. This time I will make chocolate pop and cake pop. The inside of the chocolate pop is ganache. I will make that first. The chocolate used is black chocolate with cacao content of around 56%. In the case of milk chocolate, the chocolate taste is too weak and sweet, so in order to make a soft ganache, make sure to use black chocolate. Add the hot cream to the chopped chocolate. Pour it into the tray and wrap it. Cool in the refrigerator. Ideally, make ganache the day before and keep it cool. Make 12 round ganaches. If you make about 14g per piece, you can make 12 pieces. It doesn’t have to be 12 so you can use 10 instead. As this is a recipe, I’m just arbitrarily decided it as “12 pcs for 14g”😉 Make the ganache into a rounded shape. The amount of ganache that is just right in the refrigerated condition It becomes softer as the temperature rises. In that case, put it in the freezer and cool it down. It becomes harder and easier to roll. Once you are done, chill it in the refrigerator. By the way, this is the content of the cake pop. Crush the sponge cake so that it can be made without the need for a small round cake mold. I used Genoise, but you can use any pound cake or Madeleine that you can find in the market. White chocolate and whipped cream are used as a glue to roll the powdered sponge dough. Milk can be used instead of heavy cream. Melt it a little in a microwave and mix well. Add this to the sponge cake. Squeeze it tightly to gather the sponge cake. This can also be 12 pieces with 14-15g. It is just big enough to fit in your mouth. When finished, cool it down in the refrigerator. The coating we use is not regular chocolate, but chocolate that is made for coating called Pâte à glacer in French. It melts and solidifies at room temperature without any special operations. Normal chocolate does not solidify neatly without tempering. Tempering requires an accurate thermometer, so for this recipe, we recommend using Pâte à glacer, which is easy for anyone to use. Immersed in hot water of about 60℃, melt it and used at a temperature of about 40℃. Transfer to a small glass cup to work easily. Putting some Pâte à glacer at the tip of the stick would make it harder for the cake pop to come out. Dip only once in the Pâte à glacer. If you do it twice or more, the ganache will melt and the Pâte à glacer will be too thickly coated. Wait until the Pâte à glacer falls. Stick the stick into the styrofoam to harden the chocolate. I use ruby ​​chocolate and white chocolate for decoration. You can decorate with dragée etc. in addition to chocolate. Please refer to the previous video for how to make this small piping bag (cornet).☝️ Feel free to decorate it. Since I can not draw illustrations, I can only do this type of decoration🤫 When finished, chill in the refrigerator. And we are done!✌️ Let’s look at the inside. This cake pop is my favorite. It was quite delicious😋 As you can see from the appearance, ruby ​​chocolate is used for cake pop And I used white chocolate for the chocolate ganache. After that, you can make another one with the remaining Pâte à glacer. It is a lollipop style mendiant. Put nuts and dried fruits on top of it before it hardens. This is easier to make than chocolate pop. It also looks really good. I also tried packaging it. Even though I’m going to eat them all later at home lol. Thank you so much for watching today. Salut👋