[Amy: Creator]
Merry Christmas! [background music]
I’m Amy. And today I’m making a no bake eggnog pie. This pie is super easy to throw together and it takes just a few ingredients. So let’s get started! In a mixing bowl, add 1, 3.4 ounce package of instant vanilla pudding and 2 cups of eggnog. If you like, you can also add
1/2 teaspoon of rum extract or a tablespoon of rum. Now mix this together for a couple of minutes until it’s well combined. Then add 8 ounces of Cool Whip, thawed or you could use fresh whipped cream. Now gently fold this in. Then spoon the mixture into a
9 inch graham cracker pie crust. Now just refrigerate this
for several hours until it sets up. To serve, you can garnish it with some
whipped cream and some ground nutmeg. And here it is… Oh, what is it? And here it is… [laughing] I can’t remember what it is! Eggnog pie. No bake eggnog pie. This is a delicious dessert that’s great
if you need a holiday treat in a hurry. For this recipe and many more,
check out my website at amylynnskitchen.com. You can also find me on
Instagram, Twitter and Facebook! Merry Christmas! [bloopers] and 2 cups.. he he..ohhh. And 2 cups… oh my gosh
you hear my… I’m squeaking. it’s great if you need a holiday
zzzz… zzzzz… ohhhhahhhhh. if you need a holiday treat in a hurry,
not right! [laughing] My pie is melting! Then add 8 ounces of thawed Cool Whip.
No? [laughing] Cool Whip thawed? Cool Whip thawed. Thawed Cool. Cold. Cooled Whip. Cool Whip. What am I saying? Cool whip thawed? Ha, so I have to do that all over.