Nutritious snacks loaded with energy minus
the artificial sugars are what’s on the menu today. We combine healthy ingredients loaded with
fibre and nutrients to create these versatile bites Lovingly dubbed healthy laddus. For the crowd favourite Double chocolate
you’ll need: Oats Dates – make sure they’re the soft brown ones Some Peanut butter, chunky or smooth will do. Walnuts Almonds Watermelon seeds Chia seeds Coconut oil Cocoa powder Vanilla extract And a pinch of salt Give these ingredients a blitz in a mixer. Any mixer grinder will do. Then add in some chocolate chips for an extra chocolatey bite. If you want it to be sweeter you can add some honey as well. But make sure to taste first. Form these into little spheres. You can even roll these in cocoa powder for
a classy effect Next up is a very berry energy bite loaded
with berry goodness. It starts with some oats to which we’ll add almond butter cashews Then a berry bonanza with some
Dried blueberries Dried Cranberries Amla or Indian gooseberry A little berry preserve for sweetness You can even use jam if you like Some pumpkin seeds and we’re ready to blitz Make this whatever consistency you like Fine or coarse both work. Now roll them into little laddus and these goodies
are good to go! Now for a delicious version with Cinnamon
& Raisins We used rolled oats for this but you can use instant as well Then some dates Gorgeous more Peanut butter Crunchy Walnuts Dark black currants Wholesome Sunflower seeds Watermelon seeds High fibre Flax seeds And some cinnamon powder A little maple syrup to sweeten Blitz all of these in the grinder. We made the consistency fine to mimic Besan
Laddus! Roll them up to a laddu size and no one will
know they’re eating a healthy alternative. Finally, we’ll do a kopra-pak Inspired coconut
ball Start it with the usual Oats
Then some Milkmaid to sweeten Pistachios A handful of Hazelnuts Some crunchy Almonds Amla A bit of shredded or desiccated coconut Sunflower seeds Some coconut oil Blitz these in a regular mixer No food processor is required. Once balled, these are ready to rumble! Substitute these lovelies for your traditional
sweets for a healthier touch. These also make great gifts for parties and
festive occasions. Refrigerate and store these for 2-3 weeks. Hope you love these delicious, guilt-free
treats. Until next time stay tuned and stay glamrs.