How do you make the most
of diverse opinions?
And is conflict a useful thing in
a start-up or in a bigger context?
I actually think
conflict is great.
And I don’t mean yelling
and screaming abusive-type conflict.
That’s not what I mean.I mean constructive conflict where
you actually debate around an idea
or go backwards and forwards in
terms of how to iterate on an idea.
I think that’s really important.I also think
there’s a time and place for it.
So at some point you’ve got to
stop the debate and move on.
But not having the debate
is actually quite dangerous.
So, some of the environments
that I’ve worked in
have actually been conflict averse.And so to draw out that conflict
I think is actually a skill set.
Sometimes you have to have the
discussion outside of the room
to have the discussion in the room,
so you’re teasing out those ideas.
Because it’s not
necessarily the case
that everybody has the same appetite
to dive into a conversation.
And that’s as true in the boardroom
as it is in management, I think.