During the meeting at the Blue House, Korea’s
education minister detailed the government’s key initiatives related to innovation as a
source of growth, and he unveiled how his ministry plans to put the president’s words
into action — namely by building a talented workforce. Kim Ji-yeon reports. The core factor of innovation-led growth is
nurturing talented people,… who the Ministry of Education explained are those with the
spirit to take on challenges, those who are creative, knowledgable and tech-savvy… and
those who know how to work in a team. Korea’s education minister, Kim Sang-kon,
said the ministry will strengthen the country’s education system so
that schools can incorporate creativity into their curriculum through things like presentations
and debates… which teach students how to articulate their thoughts. The minister said it’ll also strengthen software
and IT-related subjects so that the leaders of tomorrow can be trained to navigate the
era of the Internet-of-Things and Big Data. Ten universities will be designated next year
as pioneering education in tune with the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution. And the ministry will raise funds of nearly
18-and-a-half-million U.S. dollars to encourage college students to pursue their own startup
businesses. For newly emerging occupations in the tech
world, the ministry plans to set up a platform dedicated to providing various job opportunities
and training content. And it says it’ll work on improving job security
by, for example, raising wages… and expanding infrastructure so that anyone willing to learn
can access related tech and information,… particularly women and youth. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.