hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps cooking today I’m going to share with you oven rostered fish it’s very tasty and very delicious how do I make a delicious oven roasted fish that I want to share with you let’s get started with the ingredients steelhead trout these pieces has a skin on I’m going to use one pound steelhead trout some nice five pieces I’m going to lay out skin side down and I’m going to marinate them deggi mirch I’m going to use a 1 teaspoon quarter teaspoon salt and you always can adjust according to your taste ground ginger quarter teaspoon cumin powder quarter teaspoon coriander powder quarter teaspoon garam masala quarter teaspoon and I’m going to use olive oil like 1 teaspoon on top of it we’re going to use over hand and we’re going to massage it so all our masala will be nicely coated and then we’re going to let it sit on a countertop for 10 minutes this is looking good our fish is marinated for last 10 minutes I’m going to use a olive oil that’s the sprayer you can use any vegetable oil I’m going to coated at the bottom you need to make sure that it’s nicely coated I’m going to bring fish pieces skin side down and we’re going to squeeze this one in we’re going to place it in oven I have a bake which is 500 degrees Fahrenheit and I’m going to place it in the middle rack for ten minutes I have to turn the fish over and we’re going to give another five minutes so altogether 15 minutes our fish will be done our fish is already it’s all deliciously looking ready I’m going to dish out our oven roasted steelhead trout fish is already and I’m going to taste it look at this looks so good so good this is buttery even though I didn’t have it any butter that’s a buttery flavor have feel like eating more and sharing with you my thoughts it looks like a exactly salmon much better taste please try oven roasted let me close in oven roasted our steelhead trout is already and I’m going to garnish with sesame seed and cilantro our quick and easy oven roasted steelhead trout is ready delicious and very tasty please try it and you’re going to like it you always can served with rice pilaf you like it please like share and like always subscribe easy steps cooking thank you BYE BYE