Hello! You are welcome
to your favorite show… …whose name is, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. You will now wonder what kind of
name is this, ‘Aapni Rasoi’? The name is like this
because it is yours, mine… …and everybody’s cooking
that is why it is, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. So come, let us begin today’s episode. We have with us here celebrity chef… …Varsha Vimadalal. – Varsha, hello!
– Hi! – How are you today?
– Fine. – Good?
– Good. Good. Today you are looking very green, green. Yes. The recipe too is something like this. Oh, yes! – We are going to prepare
‘Palak (Spinach) Dal Khichdi.’. So we have to take ghee first. We will add mustard seeds to it now. – Yes! Mustard seeds for tempering.
– Yes. We have added a little cumin seeds. We have to add a nice
quantity of Asafoetida. It’s aroma too is very nice. After Asafoetida, these are curry leaves. We definitely need curry
leaves for tempering. – Yes. Always! We should lower the
flame so that the tempering… …should not get burnt. Then we will add turmeric powder. – This is Kashmiri red chili powder.
– Right. This gives a very good color. This is coarsely ground paste of ginger,
garlic and green chilies. We will add that now. Add a little more quantity
of this and keep some aside… …to add it in the end. We will nicely mix all this now. Now we will add
some more ghee to this. Here we have very nicely
finely chopped onions… …which we will add to this now. Our Masala is nicely getting fried inside. – And it has got a very good color.
– Yes, the color is good… – …and the aroma too is so good.
– I know. – The aroma smells very good.
– Right. We will nicely sauté this now. With onions also it is like this
that at times you must allow… – …them to turn golden brown.
– Yes, they should become… Only then you get its actual real taste. You get its actual taste. We will add little salt. They have already become translucent. We will add the
tomatoes that we have chopped. These tomatoes are finely chopped. We have to add them now. Now we will add a little water. That means it should form like gravy. – It should get gravy like texture.
– Right. So now we should mash the
tomatoes like this so that… …the tomatoes which are whole…
– Will get mashed. Yes, they will get mashed. As I can see the ghee is getting separated. It is getting separated. And the water content from the tomatoes… …is slowly and gradually getting blended. Now see this. The ghee is
almost getting separated… – …and the tomatoes are also cooked.
– They are cooked. Right. They have got cooked. Now we will
add the spinach puree… …that is ready with us. If you see, spinach is so beneficial. You get so many vitamins
from it….from spinach… Especially those who… – Iron… Exactly! Those who have iron
deficiency, vitamin deficiency… …they must have spinach. If
you even have spinach soup… …that will be so beneficial for you. And if you eat something like
this then nothing like that… …because you will get taste
as well as health benefits. This is Dal (lentil) which we had
mashed and kept aside. – Right. We will add that Dal also into this now. We will prepare ‘Dal Palak’. And once this Dal is ready… – …we will add rice to it.
– We will add rice. Heli, will you give
me some water in this? One thing you must have
noticed in this and that is… – …we have added a lot of water to this.
– Yes. – There is ample water in this.
– There is ample water in this. Yes! – Because when we
will add rice to this… …and when the rice boils with this,
the rice will get nicely cooked.. – Okay.
– And that rice will absorb the water. Okay. – If the rice is already boiled… …but because of this water
it will get absorbed… …and the rice will get
coated with that Masala. Here we have taken Basmati rice. Just see how every single
grain is long and separated. – I know. It is so long and…
– And the rice is very fine. See the color!
The color looks so beautiful. Add it to this. We will let it boil nicely now.
But before that we have to add… – …Pav Bhaji Masala.
– Oh! – That means…
– That is the twist. That is the twist. So we are adding Pav Bhaji
Masala to this now. – Okay. I am adding one spoon of Garam Masala. Now at this stage…this Khichdi is boiling. At the beginning, the coarsely
ground paste of ginger, garlic… …and green chillies that we
had kept aside to use it… …at the end, I will add that now in this. This will give a very fine aroma. At this stage, I will
again add a little ghee. You will say, how much
ghee do you eat, Varsha? But you do need it in the Khichdi. And now from the aroma we can guess that… …some more salt is needed. We have to add a little
‘Amchur’ (Dry mango powder). Due to that… – Sour taste… This will give a slight sour taste. So now this is nearly done…it
is almost done, I think. From the aroma it seems like it
is ready to eat now. – Heli, see it’s texture.
– Yes. It is so good. You can see every
grain and at the same time… – …every grain has got coated with spinach.
– Yes. Heli, our Khichdi is almost ready now. But I will tell you that
there is one more twist. – There is one more twist.
– Yes. As we have added Pav Bhaji Masala. We can smell the aroma of Pav Bhaji
so butter is a must. Yes! I know! I know! So we will add butter to this now. – Oh!
– Yes! Lovely! So this is almost ready now. – We will add a little coriander to this.
– Lovely! – How does this Khichdi look?
– Very tempting. Very delicious. I feel I don’t have the patience
to wait till it is served to me… …in a bowl. I feel I should
take a spoon and eat… …directly from the pan. – We will now remove it in a bowl.
– Wow! Just see its texture, its
color…and the aroma… – …you can smell it.
– Yes, it is lovely. – Now…
– Wow! You taste this and tell me how it is. Time to eat for me. But you can
definitely try this recipe… …in your kitchen that
means in ‘Aapni Rasoi’. Today’s episode ends here in
‘Aapni Rasoi’ but all of you… …wait for the next recipe
and till then be tuned in… …on Shemaroo Gujarati on You Tube channel.