Vælkomin – and welcome! Today’s recipe is all about the scallops. Saint-Jacques. It’s an iconic shell. These ones are called
Queen scallops, or Queenies, and they are smaller
than some King scallops that you can buy. It’s got a sweet taste to it. They’re very delicate, and you have to be
really careful when you cook them. I’ll serve it with asparagus
and a vinaigrette with lots of herbs in it, and some crunchy bread as well. I want to show you one of these. Oh, it wants to close now. And here you can see that it’s got
up to 200 eyes looking for predators. It’s got many enemies,
and I can understand it, because it’s really, really tasty. I’m going to take out the eyes, and I’m just gonna tear this off. And there, ladies and gentlemen,
we have the muscle. But, here are the roes,
and they are a treat. Mmm! Boom! It just explodes in the mouth. It’s salty, it’s sweet. It’s simple, and it’s delicate
at the same time that it is so rich. Really, really clean, perfect taste! Ha! I think you should try this. I just unleash the muscle here. And there you have it.
This is what you eat. And I want to have
the juices to go with that. So…Queen scallops of the Faroe Islands. Oh my God! Wow! Wow! So, I want to start cooking. I’ll actually start with the asparagus. I’ll peel them. This would go well as a starter. I’ve got a hot pot of water here. Add a little salt. And then in with the asparagus. It takes no time. That’s it. Into cold water. And done! Now I’ll take some bread from yesterday, and I will just tear it like that. And this is going to be
the crunchy part of the dish. Butter into the pan. Imagine a life without butter. In with the bread. This will take 2 minutes. And the bread – you want it
to caramellize and get crunchy. I’ll just turn it. Aw, look at that! Such a simple and cheap thing, eh? Alright. The bread is crispy. A pinch of salt. Crunchy bread. Vinaigrette.
I’ll start with honey. Lemon zest. And then lemon.
I’ll just squeeze it before I slice it, so we get all the juices out. And then I’ll just use a fork
to mix the honey with the lemon juice. And now for olive oil. Now for the herbs. Capers in the mixture. Then I have parsley. You can use any herbs that you’ve got, but this was what I found
in the garden this morning. Chop, chop, chop, chop, chop,
chop, chop, chop, chop, chop. Chives. You want them really, really thin. Red onion. And I have some mint. These ones I just found – Oah! – on the way here. It’s windy! But this is summer in the Faroe Islands. Never gets too warm, and there’s always a breeze, but you can imagine how good
the fish and the shellfish is here. So I’ll chop the mint. I have some dill as well.
Chop, chop, chop, chop… And here I have some cress.
Just put that in as well. And then we’ll give it a mix. Like that. And now for the scallops. So I have a super hot pan, and I’ll just sear them for a few seconds,
and they’ll be done. You don’t want boil them or braise them,
they’ll just get soggy. Super simple,
because it’s a delicate shellfish. I’ve just put these scallops
on a piece of paper so they’ll dry, because if they’re wet, I could never cook these.
They’ll just start boiling, and I want them seared on a pan. Ah, the smell here. Ha! I’ll just cook them on one side. Grilled or pan-fried shellfish –
it’s the best, the best! When they just get this caramellization,
all the flavours come out. Yes! What was that?
30 seconds? So they’re not warm all the way through. They just got this sear of caramellization. And it’s so good for shellfish. Put some salt on them, and then we’re ready for plating. I’ll just use some of the vinaigrette
to marinate the asparagus. Then I have the vinaigrette
with all the herbs, the onion, the lemon zest, capers. And then I have the Queen scallop. The bread and wood sorrel. Lemon zest. A little bit of olive oil. Asparagus. Herb vinaigrette.
Crunchy bread and the Queen scallops. Vælgagnist! Mmm! Crunchy, fresh… sweet, and then the caramellization
of the Queen scallops. So good! There’s a deep, deep shellfish flavour. I really think you should try it. You’ll find this recipe,
more recipes, and information about
seafood from the Faroe Islands at FaroeseSeafood.com.