Hello! Today we are talking
about such a show… …and the name is, ‘Aapni Rasoi.’ You will now ask how we
got this name, ‘Aapni Rasoi?’ ‘Aapni Rasoi is nothing
else but yours, mine… …and everybody’s cooking
so, ‘Aapni Rasoi.’. …in today’s episode of ‘Aapni Rasoi’. …we have Varsha Vimadalal with us. Varsha, which delicious
recipe are you going to show… …to all our viewers today? We will make
‘Paneer Sandwich Bhajiya’ (Fritters). – Paneer’s… Sandwich…
– Paneer’s… Sandwich… Bhajiya. Okay! That means, ‘Paneer’ is a different thing… …’sandwich’ is a different thing
and ‘Bhajiya’ (Fritters)… …is also a different thing. And you have brought an
entirely a new recipe… …by putting all these three
things together. – Yes. – Shall we begin then?
– Yes. The main thing is we have to take
square piece of Paneer. After that we will
make a marking and cut… …equal sized pieces. That means we have to cut all the pieces… …like the one you can see here. Okay, you mean there will be three layers. That means a Paneer,
then a layer then again Paneer… …then again a layer and then
again a piece of Paneer. – Right?
– Correct! Correct! – Exactly!
– Okay! All right! – Our Paneer is sliced and ready.
– Okay. We will marinate the Paneer now.. ..as Paneer does not have
any taste of its own. So we will marinate it
with ginger and garlic paste… …and green chillies
and a little Chaat Masala… …and will keep it aside. Put a little
on each and every piece. And then after sprinkling a little
Chaat Masala on it… …keep it aside for ten minutes… …so the Paneer pieces get marinated well. That means for the Paneer to get marinated… …you have to keep it aside
approximately for ten minutes. This is ‘Chaat Masala’ and we will
sprinkle this on the Paneer pieces… …and then we will spread the entire paste. We have to apply on both
the sides and marinate. We have kept it ready for it to marinate. – Has this marinated now?
– Yes. – Okay!
– It is ready. And now we will apply this
lovely chutney on it. I have first applied green colored chutney. As the pieces are same…they are cut… …exactly in the same size
so I will now keep another piece… …of Paneer on this. We will now spread a layer
of garlic chutney on this. This garlic chutney is…the Kashmiri
red chili powder that we have… …we have to soak it for approximately
one to one and a half hour. That will do. And then
we have to add some oil. And we will also add a little salt. Keep it aside to soak for a while. After that we have to grind the
garlic with it in the mixer. As there is oil and due
to the water content in it… …the Kashmiri chilli powder
increases in quantity… …when we add water.
So the water content lessens in it. After adding lemon juice and salt
we should grind it in the mixer. If you feel that the water content
is more just sauté it in little oil. So in this way, thick
chutney is prepared. Just see! Heli, see the
color look so beautiful. It’s looking like an Indian flag.
There is a little saffron color… … little green color
and white in the middle. It is looking very nice. We will ready all of them like this now. We will keep the oil pan
on the gas to heat now. After the oil gets heated well
we should bring to medium flame… …and then we should dip these
‘Bhajiya’s’ (Fritters) in the batter… …and fry them. I have made this gram flour
batter like we normally… …prepare at home. Something different means
I have had a little rice flour… …and a little corn flour into this. And like we normally add
caraway seeds, asafoetida… …red chilli powder, turmeric powder,
I have added all that… …and made this gram flour batter. And the batter should not be very thick. This should be the
consistency of the batter. The oil has become nice and hot now. We will fry them now. When we fry them we have
to be very careful. We have to hold them very
carefully and dip them… …in the gram flour batter. You must pour the batter over it like this… …and then very lightly you must hold it… …and slowly put it in oil. We will nicely fry them
golden brown on a slow flame. I think the fritters are
gradually coming up… – …so it looks like they are getting cooked.
– Right? – They are already done.
– Okay. – And see…
– I know! It is such a beautiful golden brown color. Our delicious fritters are ready. Actually they are hot now
so we will let the steam cool down… – …for about two minutes.
– Okay. And then we will cut them
diagonally like we cut a sandwich. – Like this…
– Wow! Just look at the color! They look so beautiful
because see… …the gold brown color of the
fritters and the white color… …of the Paneer looks beautiful
and clear in combination. And with that you can also see the
red chutney and the green chutney. Oh, my god! I mean such wonderful
combination of colors… …and I am so dying to taste it, Varsha. I think I should cut a small
piece and give you. – Please! You taste this! Okay! I am going to take a bite of
this, ‘Paneer Sandwich Bhajiya!’ Amazing taste of Paneer,
with that, the taste of the green chutney… …and with lovely
combination of garlic… …and red chilli powder is awesome. This recipe can be very fun
loving for children… …as children love Paneer. And children also love fritters. And if there is green
chutney and red chutney… …between the combination of these two then… …there is nothing left to say. Thank you so much Varsha
for showing us this recipe. This is such a delicious recipe.
Thank you so much! So this was ‘Aapni Rasoi’s’
today’s episode. Stay tuned in on You Tube channel,
Shemaroo Gujarati’s… …’Aapni Rasoi’ for the next episode. Thank you!