Hello guys, welcome do tvegano again. today… one more time we have a special recipe, but this is more than special What´s that baby? dutch oven bread! with a special guest Unicorn!! Is your name Unicorn? lets go to the ingredients lets go 1 tbps of salt, 4 cups o wheat flour, 2 cups of lukewarm water, 10 grams o dry yeast this recipe is one of the best I ever made and 4 ingredients only yes, just need sometime to make to tell the truth is so much time, but is very simple and worth the time spending our cook assistant unicorn/Amora will help us lets help Amora! take the salt to add in the flour in the bowl with 4 cups of flour let aunt K help you no! I can do it! wow she can do it.. turn like this.. is to much salt well, just mix with a spoon now mix that´s it now I gonna mix here now I will mix the baking power with the warm water Daddy, why you are doing it? now we gonna stir this here, you can stir now this is the secret to make the bread grow after mix the yeast in the water lukewarm water, don´t forget this, the we go add the liquid to the wheat flour put your hand there now is time to combine the ingredients with your hand mix the flour with water, that´s it lets go, Amora loves this bread she also likes to bake on her own lets mix Daddy gonna help you this is the right consistency if you need, add more flour in small portions It can´t be so sticky, has to be like this.. almost sticky, but not. check the consistency, squeeze here Amora to fell how fluffly is it look is soft very soft put your finger you can put your finger after make this dough, you let… mine doesn´t hurt!!! does not hurt! is very soft you let it rest for 2 hours mine is not hurting no… it isn´t now you cover with a cloth and let rest for 2 hours after 2 hours resting the dough will be very fluffy, like this just use your spatula to unglued here in the bowl note that diminishes the size, but is normal let it rest for more 2 hours after 2 hours the bread grows and get soft again is time to put on the table, that you slightly pour some wheat flour already to not stick on the surface pinch of flour, only a little bit more now lets grease the bowl with olive oil to gives a special color that you´ll see later one more pinch of flour here will make a lot of difference later when the bread goes to the oven and put back the dough look how is good to handle it, very smooth put the dough back here that will touch the olive oil for a while it will rest a little bit more about 40 minutes we need this pan now or if you have a pan with lid that can go in the oven that´s why it call oven bread this recipe is around 17th century in the Netherlands and other countries that did not exist nowadays oven What they did to bake breads? they did let the pans heating for 40 or 50 minutes in the bonfire well closed, to be very hot inside later they add the dough here and come back to the fire like 17th century, when didn´t exist yet the oven like today it come back to the fire with some hot stones above the lid to assure that It´ll be well closed and then guys, they have this delicious dutch oven bread made in a medieval way ok… well, after 40 minutes in a high fire in the oven it will be very very hot.. take care its time to get the resting dough for the same time take care to open because is very hot and put the dough in then goes to the oven for more 45 minutes in the last 15 minutes you put off the lid and go checking it how is the bread, depends on the temperature of your oven, if its strong after 30 or 40 minutes is better to watch out. Check the color if is good already so guys this is the best part, almost 6 hours waiting for that where is it? the best part where is that? we are hiding our finger to not cut with the knife there we go.. kids don´t do it, only grown up people… check it out! cutting this bread you feel outside a thick layer inside tender guys.. it is delicious, we have a vegan ghee to eat together or a pàtê its amazing tell your daddy to cut a small slice for you now I´ll cut a small slice look like the italian bread Do you want a big slice? hide! ahhh hide your finger.. sorry lets go a slice for you she wants a bigger one I want the big one I got the big one!!! mine is smaller, you win! very good this bread for the breakfast…. when comes from the oven the has a crunchy bread bark with peanut butter, almond butter, with vegan butter is good How do you do with your finger when you like? that´s it guys… delicious bread just keep your time.. let it resting during the day to eat in the afternoon exactly, so good this bread next week we are back again, don´t forget to subscribe like and share the video with your friends