Today I will be making parathas. Indian whole wheat flat bread. Parathas are made several different ways. Plain with spiced or different stuffing. This is a very popular bread in North India. Plain parathas is my husband’s favorite bread. This recipe will make 5 parathas. We need 1 cup of whole wheat flour. About 1/2 cup of water 1/4 teaspoon of salt About 3 tablespoons of oil And some dry flour, which will help us rolling the parathas. First I am going to make dough. That’s the most important part making the right parathas or any other bread. Dough should be very good and smooth. Water measurement take it as a guideline. It can change little bit less or more depending on what brand flour you are using. After making dough this should sit for at least 5-10 minutes. And then we are going to roll the parathas. And make it over the skillet using little bit of oil. So first I am going to add the salt. And mix it. And now I will pour the water just save litle bit. So we will add this water as we need. And I think we need little bit more water. Like I said before, take the water measurement just as a guideline. So I have knead the dough. And I am just going to drop couple of drops of oil. And knead just little more. So dough is ready and I am just going to cover it with damp cloth. And leave it for at least 5-10 minutes. This has been about 10 minutes, when I made the dough. So this is ready. And I am going to knead it little bit more. And just put again a drop of oil. Make sure surface is dry. As you see, the dough is soft but not sticking to your fingers. Now I am going to divide that in 5 equal parts. Make smooth balls rolling between your both palms. First press one of the ball in the dry flour. And roll it for about 3 inch diameter. And from back of the spoon, which is already in the oil just spread the oil. And fold it. And do it same thing again. Just a drop of oil. So first I am going to make all the patties ready to roll. First you are going to put this in dry flour. Again just roll it about 3 inch diameter. Put oil little bit. Fold it. Again put some oil. And fold it again. And now I am going to roll this. So before rolling put this again in dry flour. And gently press it. Don’t go like this or like this. Just pick it up and turn it around. Again turn it around. If it starts getting sticky to the bottom or to your rolling pin just pick up and put little bit more dry flour. Don’t wait till the end to use the dry flour. So you see it is very easy to roll if the dough is right. Let’s do another one. Put it in the dry flour both sides. And roll it one side and pick it up and roll another side. If it is sticking to your surface or pin just add little more dry flour. Now we are going to make the paratha on the skillet. I already have the skillet on medium high heat. So to check if the skillet is ready just put couple of drops of water. If they sizzle, it’s hot. So now we are going to put paratha over. It should take about 10-15 seconds, you will see paratha will start changing the color and start puffing up in few different places. So you can see paratha has changed the color and you can see it has been puffing. So it’s time to turn it over. And just wait for few more seconds. And let’s put about 1/2 teaspoon of oil. Spread it gently and flip the paratha. And press it just for few seconds, it should be done the other side. And it’s time to turn it again. You can see these light golden spots and paratha is done. And I will put it in the bowl and cover it. So that way it stays soft. And wait for few seconds till paratha changes the color and starts bubbling from the different places. And as you see it has changed the color all around so it’s time to turn. And put 1/2 teaspoon of oil. Gently, spread it. And turn it over. How nicely it is puffing up. And paratha is ready. Parathas are ready looking good. Today I am going to serve parathas with green peas and paneer with gravy and potatoes and cauliflower. These are my husband’s favorite dish. So today he is going to be very happy because that’s what I am serving for dinner. I hope you will enjoy it. Thank you. And I will see you again with a new recipe.