This is clever, it’s a lifeline to communications. Facebook, email, twitter – the computer is Paul’s lifeline isn’t it? He can access anything, namely his bank account when I go shopping. he knows how much I’ve spent before I even get back. You think I’m joking, he’s online checking how much I’ve spent in each shop. It’s ridiculous! Those computers, I think that one’s about 12 grand and it works off an eye gaze system so Paul can tell me what he wants on it. If he wants anything he can access anything that
me or you can on a computer or an iPad Blue – O. Yellow – T. Yellow – B. And the football! We don’t look at that as a lifelong tool. it’s going to be like every other piece of rehab equipment. It has it’s place and then you progress onwards but it does not take
away from what it’s done for Paul because it has been amazing. People need to know, if you’re interested in it or you need it that you don’t have to fund it yourself.
There is a national communication aid fund but what you don’t understand is
when you can’t communicate what that gives to you and I’m really passionate about it. It’s a
long drawn out process but it’s well worth going through with it. Isn’t it? I would be, I would be… I would be lost without it. I know.