Hello! Welcome to your favourite show, Aapni Rasoi. Yours, mine and everybody’s
kitchen, that is, Aapni Rasoi. So come, let us begin today’s
episode of Aapni Rasoi with a special recipe, that will
be taught by our celebrity chef… Varsha Vimadalal! Hello, Varsha!
– Hi! So tell me, what are we
going to prepare today? Today we are going to prepare
‘Pav Bhaji Pizza Dhokla’. Pav Bhaji Pizza Dhokla?
– …Pizza Dhokla Oh, my god! Three dishes in one. What kind of a dish is it? Well, like when we usually make
pizza, for the pizza base, we generally use all purpose flour, so, we are going to make the
base with Dhokla. – Oh. And for that we are going
to use split black gram and split green gram. I have already prepared a coarse
paste using split green gram and split black gram in the mixer. In the paste, we also added ginger, garlic,
green chilies and a little salt. There is no need to ferment it.
We are going to add fruit salt to it. These are instant dhoklas and
you can even have them as is. But today we are going to
make a fusion out of it. We will put this in a mixing bowl. As some water is needed so we
will add a little water to it. That is because the paste was very thick. And this is the consistency we need. Just like the consistency we
need for normal dhoklas, we have added water to
get that consistency. We have to add soda and oil to it.
– Okay. But before that, I had
kept this water to boil… And see the water has boiled.
– Yes. We will ready the plate now. We will
have to apply a little oil. – Okay. So we will apply a little oil to the
plate and place it inside. And only after that should
we add the fruit salt. The plate should be placed
in this way over the water. And now we will add the fruit salt. And pour lemon juice over it. Now look, as soon as I
poured the lemon juice, we have a nice froth over here. Now we have to mix this well. Heli, add a little turmeric powder to it. We need a slight yellow color.
Actually we also need… the natural yellow color
of the split green gram… but a little… slight. That’s enough. We will now get
a beautiful golden yellow color. We will now pour it on the plate. This is really healthy.
The split green gram dhoklas are full of proteins.
– Hmm. We will cover it with a lid and
let it cook for about ten minutes, so that our Dhoklas cook
well and become fluffy. And as the dish is ‘Pav Bhaji Dhokla’,
we will make the Pav Bhaji masala. Just as we start make
the Pav Bhaji Masala, we will be making this in the same way. We will first take some butter. We will now take the onions and
put them in the butter immediately. We will sauté it well. The onions have become translucent now. We will now add some capsicum to it. As it gets sautéed, we will add ginger, garlic and green chilies. As we need a high flame, I am
moving it to a bigger burner. Here are some finely chopped
tomatoes that we will add to it now. We will now add Pav Bhaji Masala to it. Add some red chili powder now. You must add it as per your taste. We will add a little
turmeric powder to it now. After adding the turmeric powder,
we will sauté it a little. Look how its color has changed.
– Wow! We will add a little water to it now.
– Okay. As our dhoklas are getting
cooked, I will check them with a very light hand. Oh, wow! Look at this!
– Yes. It has risen up beautifully. Now we will now add some salt to it. It is almost ready now.
– Right. We will add a little butter on top of it. Our Pav Bhaji Masala is ready now. We will check this now. According
to me it is ready. – Yes. I will transfer this to a high flame. The Pav Bhaji Masala
that we have prepared, we will apply it over the dhokla now. Just like we apply pizza sauce
on a pizza base, in the same way we have to apply this. We have to spread cheese over it now. You should distribute the cheese evenly. Just as there is capsicum on a pizza, we will top it with
finely chopped capsicum. We will sprinkle a little coriander. We usually bake it, but instead,
we have to steam this again, so that all the cheese
melts and spreads evenly. But before that, we will add
a little butter over it. So that will melt too.
We will close it again with a lid. We will keep it like this
for five to seven minutes, so that all the cheese melts.
And after cooling it, we can cut it and have it immediately.
– Right. Well, this is such an amazing combination, that I cannot wait. I can only
wait for five to seven minutes, and as soon it opens, I’m going to eat it. But you shouldn’ wait.
Head into your kitchen right now, and quickly make this amazing dish,
‘Pav Bhaji Pizza Dhokla’. You can also use the combination
that Varsha just told us. So this was today’s
episode of Aapni Rasoi. But you stay tuned in for
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