Hi guys I’m Alejandra and I’m Caroline and
today we’re making Peanut Butter Tiramisu. So this is one of my favorite desserts I absolutely
I grew up eating this and I love it. Um and it’s so so simple. We’ve got some fun delicious
ingredients here. Super important is the mascarpone. It’s an Italian cream cheese. Got some nice
egg yolks, some sugar, a little vanilla, a little bit of heavy cream, and of course we’ve
got our Smooth Operator peanut butter. We also have some pound cake. That’s going to
be kind of build the base of our cake. So let’s start off by making our cream and so
this is very simple everything’s just going to go into the mixer. So we’re going to start
off with that mascarpone, so we’re going to put it here. I like that she threw the little
accent in. That’s right. It’s official, she makes it official. I’m going to get our egg
yolks in here. And vanilla. Sugar. There’s not too much sugar there’s just a little bit
to kind of sweeten it but it’s not an overly sweet dessert. They actually don’t do super
sweet desserts in Italy. A little bit of heavy cream. And our Smooth Operator peanut butter.
So we’re going to be using about a half cup of this peanut butter. It’s going to go in
there. It’s a cool twist you know the saltiness of the peanut butter. Oh, absolutely. So this
is nice this is just going to mix up all together. Alright so there you have it. So so easy,
my kind of dessert. Get the last bit there. It looks so good. And let’s start working
on our cake. So what’s great about the pound cake is it’s actually going to be soaked in
this delicious mix of espresso with a little bit of rum which is really nice. And um tiramisu
is actually Italian for “pick me up” which is what the espresso is for. That’s a lot
of espresso. It’s a little pick me up, it’s a very big pick me up. So we just kind of
mix it up together and if you don’t do alcohol you can skip the rum and just add either a
little more espresso. We’re going to take the cake and we’re just going to dip it slightly
in here, its just kind of a second on each side, you don’t want to saturate it with the
coffee or the rum. You really just want to get a little on each side like that and that
goes in the pan. So why did you go for the pound cake instead of the ladyfingers. So
traditionally this is made with ladyfinger cookies but they can actually be a little
bit tricky to find so I just like using pound cake because it gives it a really great flavor
and you can always find pound cake or you can easily make pound cake at home so it’s
something that’s nice. But if you can find ladyfingers this exact recipe also works with
ladyfingers. And sometimes I just like to break up the pieces just to kind of fit it
in better. Alright so we’ve got our layer of cake here and so then we can top this off
with our first layer of the cream. And so we’re just going to do about half of it right
now. I like a nice rich layer. Perfect. Cool and now we’re going to do a little bit more
cake. This smells amazing that mix of the coffee and the rum. So we’re going to top
it off with what’s left of this cream. Just get it all in there. I love how light and
fluffy this is. I don’t want to waste a single bit of this. This is the good stuff. It’s
always fun to have a no bake dessert, you know. Oh totally, yea. It’s still really elegant.
Perfect, so this is done. Now we have to add our fabulous finishing touches. So I’ve got
some nice cocoa powder and some chopped peanuts, super delicious. And so for the cocoa powder
what I like to do is use this small sieve and then I can just tap gently on the sides
and it gives you that kind of fancy cocoa kind of sprinkle so you’re not going to get
just a big dollop of cocoa. You can even make this in advance right? Oh yea, absolutely.
This can be done a few days in advance. And I’m going to add a few of this roasted, salted
peanuts that have just been kind of chopped. Sprinkle them right on top. It adds just a
little extra peanutty flavor. Alright this needs to go in the fridge to set and chill
so minimum of a couple hours but you definitely, if you can do overnight that would actually
be better because it gives it a really nice chance to set, gets all those flavors to know
each other and it serves much nicer. It slices well. Yea. It slices better. Alright so let’s
pop this in the fridge and we’ll come back and check in on it. So the tiramisu has been
chilling for a few hours and it’s nice and set. We’re just going to add one final touch.
We’ve got some little chocolate shavings here and I’m just going to sprinkle them right
on top. It just adds a pretty little final finishing touch plus you know, chocolate and
peanut butter is always an awesome combination. Yes. So this looks absolutely gorgeous, perfect
ready for serving. So there you have it, Peanut Butter Tiramisu. And now we are going to serve
and try this. Yum! Okay, let’s do this. Oh look at that, actually pretty perfect. Alright.
This is killer. Love all the layers. Mmm. Oh yea. So good. I know I love that combination
of the chocolate, and the rum, and the peanut butter. But you know the peanut butter really
shines through. It’s really good. It’s nice and it’s not too sweet. No. Which is really
cool. It’s almost, I almost say its even a little bit lighter than I anticipated. It’s
delicious. Yep it’s really good. We put a peanut butter twist on a traditional tiramisu.
What other traditional desserts do you think we should add peanut butter to next? Tell
us about it in the comments section below. Thanks so much for watching. We hope you love
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We’ll see you next time.