severe storms overnight forcing several school districts to close Bend ISD started with a two-hour delay but then decided to close some of the schools in its district here’s a live look from Sky – in Sugar Land right now where there’s still flooding channel 2’s Vincent Crivelli is at one of those schools that was forced to close its doors because of the severe weather he joins us live Vincent auntie Christine good morning that’s right the overnight rainfall caused several streets in this area to flood forcing drivers to park just about everywhere some even spending the night in their cars turning this road into a parking lot one woman says for her this flood was almost as bad as Harvey streets flooded it doesn’t fund doesn’t happen cars parked everywhere cars have been turning around I can’t take my son to school today because we can’t get out of here water water and even more water overflowing never have seen it this play along with frustration but this is 17 year old Aiden a high school junior I’m just going around seeing if anybody needs hope and he was up late last night and early this morning cuz over there it gets pretty deep yeah it’s pretty much to here I had to carry some lady that spent the night at my house that’s right he’s a real-life Prince Charming who saved a damsel in distress she started a pretty much thanking me she wanted her cried too I was like don’t worry about it and today he’s on a mission to check on all of his neighbors gosh that’s neat Sugarland received more than nine inches of rain since yesterday the city reports their storm drains are over capacity and over 100 vehicles abandoned her car can be replaced easily your life really came wise words one father left his card home and took out a raft to get his kids to higher ground while Aiden continued his Trek to check on neighbors do you need any hope this mother okay now it’s on to the next home all right if you need any help over your round now the majority of street flooding in Sugar Land has been cleared but of course there are some impassable roads like the one behind me for all that information head to our website for now reporting live in Sugar Land Vincent for Valley KPRC Channel 2 News