Hello friends, I’m Manju Mittal. Welcoming you. Today we will make quick and tasty corn pizza. For that we need. First of all, we will take pizza base. We have to apply the soft butter from the both sides on the pizza base. It is necessary to apply the butter on the pizza base because it will make you pizza much crunchier. We will make this pizza in the oven. But you can also make in the microwave. In the microwave you have to apply the convection mode. The same temperature will work for the OTG and microwave. And now we will take a bowl. I have taken 1 tbsp tandoori mayonnaise in it. You can get it very easily, as you can get plain mayonnaise very easily. You can get it of the name of tandoori mayonnaise at any grocery store. 1 tbsp ketchup. Bit of chili flakes. Bit of pizza seasoning, Bit of garlic paste. Now we have to mix it very well. We have to this apply paste on the front side of it. When your pizza is baking. Then you mostly seen that the vegetables goes to the edge of the pizza. And it spread to the bottom. That gives pizza a bad look, So we do not have to do that. So we leave the half inch of it’s layer. Our pizza will stay the same as half an inch Now we will add vegetables in remaining spread,which was left. Now we have to add bit of bell pepper. I’m adding bit of red capsicum also. This will make your pizza look very colorful. 1 tbsp big pieces of onion. We will take 1-1/2 tbsp sweet corn. And now we have to mix it well. What will happen by this, that mayonnaise and the ketchup will mix up very well on the vegetables. It will coat everything. Now we have to apply a extra layer on this pizza base. Mozzarella cheese We have already grated it before. Now we have to spread the vegetable on it. And now we have to spread it very well. This pizza is very easy to make. We can serve it at any party You can made it even before. we have to bake it at the same time. Now we will once again add the cheese on it. You can add too much or less cheese on the top of your pizza according to your taste. I have taken 2 tsp cheese. And now we will put seasoning on it. Bit of chili flakes. If you want it to serve at the kid’s party, so do not put chili flakes because it will become too spicy for children. Olives See it, it is becoming quickly. It will not take too much time. And it becomes very tasty pizza. And now we will bake it at 180 degree for 10 minutes. We have to bake it from the both side for 10 minutes at 180 degrees Our pizza is ready. See it, It is become golden and the cheese is melt on it very well. To watch such a lot of tasty recipes click the subscribe button given beside and like our video.