Today we are making this gorgeous sticky pumpkin
spice loaf hello everyone it is mrs barry here, hello mrs barry nice to meet you I am
mr barry this video is a pumpkin spice cake it is delicious I cannot wait to make this
it is actually part of the kind community which is a network we are part of actually
there are other cooking channels on there and we are all doing pumpkin spice videos
so at the end of this video there is a link to other awesome cooking channels doing pumpkin
spice but we find it quite tricky to get pumpkin spice here in the uk yeah we could not find
it anywhere but you can make your own and that is what we are going to do so it is going
to smell very festive so we can sort of chuck that smell down you down you, lets go, our
first step is to melt the butter yes which is just here so we are going to put our butter
in the saucepan oh I was going to help then with the spoon, it is just going to be a prop,
like a microphone, ok, so butter and also some golden syrup, we are going to pour in,
so if you cannot get golden syrup I think corn syrup is one of the easiest alternatives,
just more clear in colour, put that on the heat and we are just going to let the butter
and golden syrup melt together oh nice I like that, it is kind of like a big buttery iceberg,
but you only want to just do it occasionally, do not stir it all the time, as it melts it
does loosen up too, oh yeah like it is ice skating. We are just waiting for that last bit of butter
to disappear look, it is like no I am staying, it looks like a nut, one of those monkey nut
things. It is looking good like a buttery syrup lake,
it is, it is done, so we can turn it off the heat and put it to one side. One side, one time, one time. We are going to make our homemade pumpkin
spice mrs b chuck it in, yeah so we have our cinnamon that was a teaspoon, we have one
eigth of a teaspoon of ground cloves, that is not clothes that have been grounded up
by the way, shirts and jeans, we have a quarter of a teaspoon of ground nutmeg, oh can I do
this one, go on then you can do the ground ginger, another quarter, actually I may aswell
mix it with this, yeah give it a gentle mix together, and smell that, smell that spice,
it is like the old spice advert oh yeah. Nice so that is our pumpkin spice done. If you cannot get hold of it that is how you
make it. Next up we are going to sieve our flours into
our bowl alright so flours we have self raising flour and we also have some plain flour, we
put that in there I will give it a sift and while you are sieving I will also add the
bicarbonate of soda, so all the dry ingredients and also the most important ingredient the
pumpkin spice, I am just going to give it a gentle mix together. Cool, we also need a pinch of salt, pinch
of salt. There is some salt and ooh I am pinching it
baby, I am pinching it. Next up we add in our sugar so it is all going
into this one big bowl it is all happening in there, so exciting, we have one egg that
I have already beaten, beat it, beat it, and then add in our milk, nice, and we are just
going to give it a good whisk together. Whisk away mrs b ok, here we go, ok whisk
problems, this is looking done, loving it, you have driven air into it we have a loaf
tin here and I am just going to line it, yes please that is how you line it just like that,
no it is not, so in goes our buttery syrup mixture our last little move here, loving
that little puddle that it has formed, stir it all through swirly swirly get it all nice
and combined there really make sure with the spatula that you scrape all those sides together,
that beaten mixture combining with the sugar and butter, looking good, you just want to
grease the bottom and the sides of the tin, you do not need to use your hands, use a little
greaseproof paper if you like it is cold I am only lining the bottom of it as it should
come out easy with the greased sides but just by sticking that sheet on the bottom like
so gives it a nice little base kind of like a show or sneaker for your cake. And now we just pour the mixture into the
tin, nice make sure you scrape every little bit in there, that is looking perfect and
it is ready to go into the oven now around about 40-45 minutes if you have a fan oven
or if not 50-55 minutes. Oh pumpkin spice because it is another day
for you and me in paradise see what I did there, it is smelling amazing in the oven
we are going to make a marmalade glaze to finish it, we are and it is super easy all
you need is marmalade and water, amazing. Right then mrs b this marmalade glaze we are
using maramalde that has chunks in it, like shreds oh if I can get the lid off I actually
have a gadget that would be amazing for this but will save it, just use the natural strength
so three tablespoons of marmalade oh like jelly there we go that is about three yeah
perfect, mrs b is putting that on a low flame and what we are going to do by heating it
is make it more manoeuvrable in the pan, so we give it a mix to break down the initial
lumps, get it nice and smooth and manoeuvrable you could add alcohol at this stage and go
for an orange liqeur something like that would be nice and just to one side you can probably
see it in the corner there our cake is done just letting it cool down. So now it is nice and manoeuvrable we take
it off the heat and add in the water as we do not want it to evaporate away that is going
to cool it down and just by adding that little bit of water content or alcohol it is going
to make it a teeny bit more loose so it will stick to it and firm up but make it more accessible
and spreadable. So we have our cake cooling it is still a
little bit warm and we are just pushing our sticky marmalade glaze all on top of it all
over there it is going to look really good give it a nice orange tang and stickiness
I love the shine that it gives and the bits of marmalade you can see, looking really good. We finish with a little orange zest on top
just to bring that citrus vibe there, it is optional but it adds a teeny bit to it. We have put it on a board ready to serve it
is still a teeny bit warm oh my gosh it is so soft take a slice out of that like so oh
yeah! That is amazing nice spice in there the spanky
tang of the orange marmalade glaze loving it you could maybe drizzle some icing sugar
on it too, do not forget to check out the rest of the videos in the pumpkin spice playlist
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right it took me so long I had such a big bit of cake in my mouth it is delicious see
you next time guys bye!