hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.com. Today I want to teach you one of these
festive bread you know kind of a flat bread lot of times made for all the festivals in India and it is called with different names in north it is called as Puran poli, in the south it is called as bobatlu whatever name you call this beautiful chapati inbetween layered with nice sweet so today we are going to use channa dal, you can also stuff this sweet chapati with sooji halwa my mom always used to make it and we used to love it . I have boiled this it a point where if you it you press it should mashed. Now I have to convert this channa dal into a beautiful dessert stuffing that will go inbetween the layers of our chapati I have drained this channa dal when it is really hot that is why my channa dal is dry without any moisture but if you remove and see moisture what
you can do is spread it on a paper towel and let it
be little dry because that way you can make this powder very easily now look at this very beautiful powder now we can use this for various sweet preparations but today we are going to stick to our puran poli. You know looking at this Channa dal powder somehow it reminds me for nice mysore pak and when are we doing mysore pak. see I have got a nice soft jaggery but if you have your jaggery hard you can cut into small pieces and add to this you can in fact add sugar also to this but traditionally they use jaggery and that gives a very nice honey kind of flavor which I like now you can see with little bit heat all this jaggery will start melting it also takes the moisture from this dal; we are going to nicely flavor this mixture with cardamom powder see now how beautifully this has melted down now I put on a slow heat while this cooks I’m going to make some cardamom powder, lot of you may be wondering you know how to make a cardamom powder so very simple see how we do cardamom powder is you know add some of the cardamom into your blender, so after you add the cardamom in here into you mixer, you can make it into powder but it won’t come into a fine powder so what
we always do is we take some sugar add this to cardamom and then we blend it, that way it remains
nice powder ok there is a reson why i love…oh my god what a flavor oh its too strong so there is a reason why I like to make a powder in the blender using little bit sugar because it becomes a very fine powder you don’t have to worry about skin because skin is no more there, everything becomes a fine powder and I’m going to add some into here. Where it is warm, it is thick, when it is cold, it becomes really really thick. So now I just switched off and i’m going to let it cool down little bit and then we’re going to make our bobatlu. how do we make the outside chapati that in which this sweet is going as a stuffing, there is lot of recipes you can even make with chapati and there are people who make with just maida, little bit salt and water and make a dough but if you want to get a very thin layer and a nice consistency see it should be
soft inside and a nice texture outside so do that preparation we’re going to do that it’s very easy
let’s say that I have taken one and half cup of maida here, very little bit one teaspoon of sooji in this another teaspoon of rice flour and add pinch of salt you know you
should not taste the salt but enhances this sweet and in this you can melted butter or oil whatever you want just let’s say one tablespoon of melted butted and then mix it we’ll add some water
to this and make into a very soft dough you know it should be literally sticking to your hand; once this channa and jaggery mixture gets cooled down make into a round small lime size balls and keep it aside now we are going to
make this bobatlu I’ve got some nice plastic sheet here what you can do is take little bit of oil and now you want this bread dough half the size of your sweet that is when you will get a very nice bobatlu. The dough put it on a plastic sheet press it ok and then put this mixture inside just pulled the edges together see the dough has to be soft only then you can do this ok look at this beautiful even kachoris you know when I show kachoris you will see that you know you use similar kind of mixture. Ok now..wow. Look at this beautiful wow this even better so we’ll make 3 more press it good Ah! see I can cook three at a time . when you’re cooking just rotate it like this and you can make beautiful puranpoli now you can see how beautiful this puranpolis are, if you want to add little bit butter on top you can but I don’t usually add any butter saw I’ll put them out. Haha..look at this beautiful now you can see this puran poli and see look at this beautiful texture and let’s see, once you open this, look at how beautifully the sweet is evenly distributed when you
make puran poli just make the size of small poori you know that way you kids would just take one and happily walk around and eat. I hope you have enjoyed today’s session of learning to make this beautiful bobatlu puran poli whatever
you call it and this is a beautiful festive dessert and for your next festival you definitely make this puran poli and your family will love it and lastly remember that vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips so other may benefit from your great cooking thank you haha up