Hello! You are welcome to a show
called ‘Aapni Rasoi!’ You must be thinking
what ‘Aapni Rasoi’ means. ‘Aapni Rasoi’ means yours,
mine and everybody’s cooking. That is why, ‘Aapni Rasoi.’ We have celebrity chef,
Varsha Vimadalal… …with us today in ‘Aapni Rasoi.’ – Varsha, how are you today?
– I am fine. Varsha basically is born in Goa
but she prepares… …delicious Gujarati dishes
and not only Gujarati dishes… …but she prepares all
kinds of delicacies… She is proficient in all kinds of recipes. What are you going to prepare today? Today we will prepare
‘Ragda Samosa Chaat!’ So we are going to make a
delicious spicy combination… …of Ragda Samosa Chaat today
with Varsha. So Varsha, let’s begin. First of all let’s prepare the
stuffing for the Samosa. The filling that we need
is made of potatoes. I have switched on the gas
and we will take oil now. Right. First of all we have to add
mustard seeds to the oil. The mustard seeds are already tempering… …as I had already heated the oil. We will then add turmeric
and then Hing (asafoetida). We now have to
add coarsely ground paste… – …of ginger and green chilies to it.
– Okay. And after adding that
we have to sauté it nicely. So what we are preparing now is the
filling for the Samosa, right? Yes. But we have to add green
peas to this because… …the crunchiness of the green peas
and it’s green color… – …looks very tempting.
– Right. So here we have boiled green peas
with us which I will add… …to this mixture now. We will now add a lot of mint leaves
and fresh coriander… – …which I have washed
and finely chopped. – Okay. You are slowly sautéing the mixture. Yes, I am sautéing it. How will we come to know
that it is sautéed? The moisture should dry up from the
mint leaves and fresh coriander… – …that we have added.
– Right. Because this stuffing that
we are making for the Samosa… …should last for a few days. If guests are coming home
and we need to prepare a few days prior… …to that then too
we can make this mixture… …and keep it ready. And I think what can be better than
offering Samosas to the guests. So the moisture from the
mint leaves and coriander… …has dried up so we will add
all the other spices now. This is whole coriander seeds
and fennel seeds. This is coarsely pounded.
We will add this. We will then add cumin powder. We have to add Amchur
(dry mango powder) to this… …because we won’t be
adding lime juice to this… …as we don’t want any water content
in this mixture. We will now add coriander powder. This is Garam Masala, (mix spice powder). We should add this a little more. This is Kashmiri red chili powder
for colour… …and this also enhances
the taste a little more. We have to add black salt to it now. – We call it as ‘Sanchal.’
– Yes, we call it ‘Sanchal.’ – I think this has dried up now.
– Yes. So we will add a little oil to this now. We are using groundnut oil. – Right! This looked a little dry…
– Yes, it looked a little dry… But now it looks a little moisturized. And the green peas have got coated
with this mixture now. – Yes!
– Our stuffing is ready now. We will add a little salt to it now. We have boiled and cut the potatoes
into small pieces… …and we will add that
to this mixture now. Our stuffing is almost
ready and at this stage… …we will keep it aside to cool. What shall we do till then? Till then we will…
actually I have already kneaded the dough. – Okay.
– So this dough… …is the covering of the Samosa. I have taken Maida
(all purpose flour) for this. And in that I have mixed a little Ajwain
(Caraway seeds), a little corn flour… …juice of half lemon
a little quantity of ghee… – …and we should knead the dough.
– Okay. You must knead the dough like
you make for Puri or Roti. Okay. So till the stuffing cools down
we will prepare the ‘Ragda’. – Oh, ‘Ragda’, yes!
– Yes. I have kept the oil to heat. We will add turmeric powder to it now. We will then add asafoetida to it. We will then add red chili powder. We will slightly sauté this now. We will now add a little onion to it. – Finely chopped
– We have added – finely chopped onion to this.
– onion to this. – Okay!
– We will now add tomato puree to this. We will sauté this now. We will add spices to this now. First of all we will add Amchur to this. This is Garam Masala. We will add a little black salt. And we will also add cumin
and coriander powder. We will add the ‘Ragda’
(Boiled white peas) to this now. – That means now…
– Our Ragda is ready. At this stage we must taste it… …and if necessary we can
add a little salt to this. – This looks very tempting.
– So our Ragda is ready now. I will now show you how
to make the Samosas. The Samosa stuffing has
also become cold… – …so we will make Samosas now.
– All right! We have to roll the dough in
an elongated shape like this. We have to cut it from the center now. Then it is in the shape of ‘D’ now. Now see, we must take the center… This shape of D…
this straight line of D… …we have taken it’s center. We will fold it like this, then like this
and so it becomes like a cone. And then we have to… – …put the stuffing inside that.
– Yes. We will put the stuffing inside that. So don’t think that as this is a
Chaat dish it will be too fried… …and very oily. Our stomach
will get too full… …and our calories will increase… It is nothing like that,
as we used groundnut oil… …which is a very healthy option. So the Samosas are fried and ready. And the plating of this is also
done in a different way as well. First of all we will pour
Ragda in this glass. We will then add a little
green coriander to it. We will add a little chopped onions to it. We will add little Sev (fried tiny noodles
made from chickpea flour paste) to it. We are now adding the Samosa. At this stage we will add a little curd. We have added a little sugar,
cumin powder and black salt… – …to this curd.
– Okay. For taste… And now we will again add little ‘Sev’. I am enjoying preparing it. This is garlic chutney. We will now add a little
sweet chutney to this. We will also add a little green chutney. This is almost ready now. And this… So Varsha, can I eat the whole of this? I don’t think I will be able
to eat the whole thing… …but I am surely going to
finish this entire thing. And till I finish this whole
thing you note down the recipe. So this was ‘Samosa Ragda
Chaat Sundae.’ Right! So our today’s episode on
‘Aapni Rasoi’ ends here. Please be tuned in for our next episode… …in Shemaroo Gujarati’s, ‘Aapni Rasoi’!