Hello. Welcome to a show
which is known as Aapni Rasoi. You must be wondering
what does Aapni Rasoi mean? Aapni Rasoi is your, my and our,
that is our cooking. So let us start
this episode of Aapni Rasoi. This morning we have with us
celebrity chef Varsha Vimadalal. Varsha, how are you today? – Absolutely fine.
– You are absolutely fine? I think that today something nice
will be prepared in the kitchen. So tell me quickly
what you are going to cook. Rajma Dhokla. – Rajma Dhokla. Wow. Full of proteins and…
– Absolutely. And having very good nutrition value. – Rajma Dhokla.
– Rajma Dhokla. – So let us start to make Rajma Dhokla.
– Sure. We have to soak Rajma (kidney beans)
overnight. I have soaked about two cups of Rajma… …and I have soaked one cup of
split black gram lentil (Urad dal). So we have to take split black gram lentil
in half the quantity of Rajma. – I have taken ginger and green chilies.
– Okay. We soak them overnight
and grind in the morning. Okay. – I made a paste and kept it ready.
– Okay. To this I have added
ginger-chilies paste. – We will add a little salt to it.
– Okay. As per taste. This is a bit thick. We will add water to it
and make its consistency… …as needed for Dhokla. Enough. Enough. We keep adding a little at a time
and keep on mixing. Okay. And we have to check
whether is it right consistency. Right. The characteristic of Rajma is that
it soaks in a lot of water. – So we have to add extra water.
– Okay. Because otherwise when they are ready,
they will become dry. So we have added water
to get consistency. – So it should be this thin.
– Yes. It should be this thin. This is Dhokla making vessel. Pour water into it and keep it to boil. While the water heats up,
we have to prepare the batter. Okay. The consistency of
this batter is perfect. We will add a little oil to it. We have to add about
half a small bowl of oil. The oil will make the Dhokla
very soft and fluffy. After adding the oil
we have to mix it very nicely. Okay, the oil we are using is… – …groundnut oil.
– Groundnut oil. The oil will make
the Dhokla very fluffy and spongy. – Right.
– They will not be dry. Right. This is instant Dhokla. – Let us get the plate ready.
– Okay. We have to make Dhokla in this plate. So we will brush oil into this plate… …so Dhokla will come off it easily. We have oiled this. The water is also boiling nicely. We will place the plate into this. The plate is fixed nicely into this. Now we will add fruit salt to this. After adding fruit salt mix it nicely
and stir it. So it will rise up. Now we will pour it into this plate. Make a fine even layer like this. Close it like this. After closing it,
let it boil for eight to ten minutes. It will get cooked and rise up nicely. In the mean time
we will prepare the tempering… …and mix and keep ready the masala… – Okay.
– …for sprinkling on it. First of all we have
to take onion in bowl. It is very finely chopped onion. We will add a few mint leaves. Now I am adding ‘paani-puri’ masala. I am adding a pinch of red chili powder. So our masala is ready. Dhokla will be almost ready. Let us open and check it. Look. How nicely it has… – Fluffed and risen.
– It has fluffed and risen. We will turn off the gas
and make preparation for tempering. For tempering
we need a tempering ladle like this. We have to add oil to it. I will keep the oil for heating. We have to add mustard seeds to it. – We will add black sesame seeds.
– Okay. Black sesame seeds will look
very nice in this colour. – Okay.
– Black sesame seeds contains… – …lots of calcium.
– Okay. So it is very healthy. We will add a pinch of asafoetida. I have added asafoetida. Now we will add a pinch of
turmeric powder. Okay. You will have to pass
the cashew nut pieces to me. Yes. We will add them to this. We have to mix this lightly. Now we will add curry leaves. Or tempering is never
without curry leaves. We specifically need curry leaves. You can see how nice the tempering is. We will pour this tempering on
Dhokla and spread it. If you want to use green chili,
you can cut it and add it. But we have already added paste of
ginger and green chilies. Right. We pour oil on sour Dhokla. We pour oil on them and eat. So we have done this because
Rajma Dhokla feel very dry. – Okay.
– So the amount of oil… It is very good to eat in winter
in cold weather. This is ready.
Only one thing remains. – This masala we had prepared.
– Yes. – The masala with onion.
– The masala with onion. We have to add it. But we will do one thing. We will cut them after they cool down. Then we will plate them.
On the side, instead of chutney. You can also serve chutney. But if you serve
this in place of chutney… …Dhokla will be very enjoyable
with this. I will eat this on this episode,
and you too definitely make this… …in your kitchen
after watching this link. Rajma Dhokla. This was today’s recipe in Aapni Rasoi. Keep tuning into Aapni Rasoi on
Shemaroo Gujarati YouTube. Thank you.