it’ll be lit summer olá amigos hello my
friends sou Reigen temos uma Nova Musica de Anitta de rainha Anitta chamado Rave de Favela Favela Rave um anyways so I’m
really excited because I actually love Anitta and I am here in beautiful Hawaii
so you might actually hear the ocean behind me and if my mom talks “hello!” you might hear my mom chewing through
this too okay so so MC Lan, Major Lazer and Anitta have a new song called Rave
de Favela which sounds like a big party in the favela so I’m excited to
watch this and also the collaboration with Major Lazer is well last time it was
super on point so I’m excited and also don’t forget that I have a new song
coming this Friday it is called wild nights or Noites Selvagems and I am just really excited to share it with you there will be a music
video so watch out for it okay here we my mom is sitting right there on the couch so I can’t say all I want to but damn this is quite a visual feast Wow like the the other video suggestions
popped up and I was like really surprised because the song was like I
was like very okay it’s like short ish but also just very into it um I feel
like I really loved it because also there’s some English throw it in there
so this could be a worldwide hit we’ll see and I have to watch this one again
she looks great and anyway so let me know you think and
I will see you all next and I think this is definitely one for the gym and my
playlist I think I was thinking about starting a playlist just for my channel
of all the songs that I have have reacted to so why don’t I do that now
and I will add this to it okay I will see you all so if you wanna check that
out it’ll be on my Spotify momentarily and you can you can follow that playlist
okay I will see you next time alright wake and bake wanna throw my
just be with you got paid today wanna order takeaway you never leave your room
it’ll be a lit summer doing whatever we wanna. it’ll be a lit
summer rolling you. it’ll be lit summer doing whatever we wanna