Hello! You are welcome
to your favorite show… …whose name is, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. That means yours, mine
and everybody’s cooking… …that means, ‘Aapni Rasoi’. So come let us ask our celebrity
chef, Varsha Vimadalal… …as to what we are going to prepare
today in today’s episode… …of ‘Aapni Rasoi’. – Varsha, hello!
– Hi! So what are we going to prepare today? Today we are going to prepare
‘Rawa Khichu Pattice’. – All right. So shall we begin?
– Yes, sure. – We will begin by preparing the ‘Khichu’.
– Okay. So first of all we have
kept water to boil. – Okay. It is already boiling so we will
add Rawa (Suji) to it. – Okay. We will add approximately half the bowl. And we will nicely mix into it. We will now add a little salt to this. Like we prepare ‘Khichu’ with
rice flour in the same way… …this is ‘Rawa Khichu’. – ‘Rawa Khichu’!
– ‘Rawa Khichu’! Now at this stage we will also
add a little rice flour. – Okay. This is a mix Khichu of
Rawa and rice flour. Now see this, the Khichu is almost ready. The Khichu that we prepared
with Rawa and rice flour… – …is ready now.
– Right! We will remove it in a bowl
when it is hot. – Okay. With this we have to
make the outer covering… …so we will remove the
entire thing in this. I have boiled and mashed potatoes
which I will mix into this. Right! – So here I have pre
boiled and mashed the potatoes… which we will add into this. We will add a little salt to this now. So that outer covering will
also have a good taste. I will add fresh coriander to it also. We will mix all this nicely now
and like we knead the dough… …we will also knead the
dough of this Khichu. Actually this is very hot but we
have to mix this when it is hot… …and knead it into a dough. – See, it has become a nice ball like this.
– Right. So now we will keep this
aside to cool and then… ..we can make the outer covering with this. We will now make the filling of
this Khichu Pattice. – Okay. So for that we have to take Paneer. This is non-fat Paneer which
we will take in a bowl… Then we have to take our favorite cheese. This cheese is also grated
and the cheese should be… …half the quantity of the
Paneer that we have taken. You can always add more if you like it. I am going to add my favorite
‘Pani Puri’ masala to this now. Mostly all the spices are mixed
in that so we need not have to add… …cumin, rock salt, etc…separately. Right! Right! – So this is green
capsicum which is finely chopped. I am adding this now. Now I have added finely
chopped green coriander. And we will also add little salt. There is salt in the cheese as
well as in the ‘Pani Puri’ masala. Right! – So we have to add
salt a little carefully… …only as much as is required. We will now add this paste of
ginger, green chilli and garlic. Okay. We have to now mix this mixture well. I am mixing it like this. We have to mix this very lightly because… …I do not wish to mash the
grated cheese and grated Paneer… …which you can see here. You can mix it with two
spoons or even with a fork. So now our filling is ready. We will stuff this in
the Khichu Pattice now. We will now make round balls
of the mixture of Khichu… …and mashed potatoes which
we had kept aside to cool. Before that I will need a little
oil to apply on my hands. And here I have kept oil to heat. And like this I will make round balls
and then press them like this. We are going to prepare this
Pattice in a little different way. I will make two like this and keep aside. And then I will put the
stuffing on one and then… …cover it with the other
cover of this Khichu… …and then I will seal it from the sides. See, I have made a round ball like this. We should apply oil so that it
does not stick to your hands. – It does not stick…
– It does not stick to your hands. So in this way I have made two of them. So we will now put the stuffing
in the center that we have. And then I will put the other one
over it like this and press it. I will now press the sides
and seal them in this way… – …so our flat Pattice is ready now.
– Right. I will increase the flame.
The oil is kept to heat. I will make one more like this
and then will fry and show you. – We will now fry the Pattice.
– Right. We should keep pouring a little
oil over the Pattice like this. We can savor this Pattice
with mint and coriander chutney or even with tomato sauce. See, it is mostly done from this
side so I will turn them over. It is becoming golden brown. – Gradually it’s outer covering…
– It’s outer covering… …is gradually becoming golden brown. I will have to still fry them a little. As this is Rawa and rice
flour, there is no need… …to make it deep golden brown. If it is gram flour then it
becomes deep golden brown. But if this is a little
white it tastes good. We are frying them for
crunchiness and crispiness. – We are frying them…
– We are frying them. If you don’t wish to eat fried
then you can keep them… – …in the steamer and boil them like Momos.
– Okay. And you can even eat them that way. Yes! In today’s generation, there
are many health conscious… …people, so if you don’t
wish to deep fry and eat it… …you can definitely steam
them in the cooker. – We can steam them in the cooker.
– Yes, you can do that. And you can also steam
them in the rice cooker. We can also steam them in the Idli vessel. Yes, exactly! You can steam
them in the Idli vessel… …and you can enjoy the steamed Pattice. Our Pattices are ready now. Wow! Our ‘Khicha Pattices’ are ready. ‘Khicha Pattices’ are ready. I will eat them
later as they are very hot. But you don’t waste even a single minute. You immediately go to the
kitchen and try this recipe… …and please let us know
in our comment section… …as to how did you like this recipe. All right, so this was today’s
episode on ‘Aapni Rasoi’. In our next episode, we will
definitely try… …more interesting and delicious recipe. But till then, please allow
me and Varsha to take leave. Good-bye!