Hi, this is Rich Buccola here in New York
City and today on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to make quick fix
focaccia wedges. Alright our utensils that we’re going to be using for this dish today
are; alright a couple of small bowls for our chopped onions, our chopped garlic. Also we’re
going to use it for our pepper. Going to use a serrated knife to cut our focaccia wedges.
Going to use a little knife for paring our and taking and de-seeding our pepper. Get
a good chopping knife. I keep telling you guys, it’s good to have a good chopping knife.
A fork just to break up our beans. I want to get them into like a mash. A good cutting
board, a silicone board, a cutting board. That’s what you need here. Going to need a
can opener to open up your can. A wine thing if you’re using a wine. Corkscrew to open
up your wine. A spatula just to mix everything up with. Going to put our focaccias on a baking
pan. Going to need a colander to drain our beans. And a bowl to mix everything up in
for our spread. For our focaccia dough. And don’t forget about our nonstick skillet in
the back for frying up our garlic and our onions. And our peppers. Come back. Those
are our utensils. Real simple utenils. It’s real easy to make. And it’s a lot of fun and
it tastes delicious. Good stuff here on Expert Village. Come make it with us.