Hi, I’m Father Dominic the Bread Monk, author
of “How to Be a Breadhead” and this is a Breadhead Minute. I have two loaves of bread here that
have been through their second rising or proof. Now that was 30 minutes but in some loaves
that might be little bit more if it’s a heavy dough or very rich that’s got lots of eggs
or butter or sugar in it. So how do I know if they’re sufficiently risen? Well that’s
what’s known as a ripe test. I simply take a finger and push gently into the dough. The
indentation remains, the dough doesn’t deflate. You’re not pushing all the way in like we
did before but rather just a gentle touch. That hole remains but doesn’t deflate the
dough. That means they are sufficiently risen and they’re ready to go into the oven. I’m
Father Dominic, become a Breadhead and you’ll be blessed. This Breadhead Minute made possible
by the Home Baking Association, resources at homebaking.org.