I have discovered that if I do just about
anything with roasting garlic and bread that one of my big kids will work his butt off
and I need my car done, so I’m going to show you all how to make a roasted garlic focaccia,
and this stuff is so good and so luscious you can get teenagers can do anything. Okay,
so, I know you can make all kinds of bread by hand, and if that’s what you want to do
then knock yourself out, but I’m lazy and I’m not going to. Alright, I buy yeast in
bulk, but I’m going to use just under a tablespoon. That’s just about what you get in one of those
little packets if you get it at the grocery store, this is just a cheaper way to do it.
So I’m going to start my mixer. Now, right here I’ve got warm water. Now it’s
fairly warm. I’ve heard a lot of people say, you know, about like you do a baby’s bath
water, that’s about right you want it warm nice and comfy because what you need to do
is activate the yeast which is a living organism it needs warmth to wake up just like I do
okay so, we’re just going to let this start pulling itself together. I have a tablespoon
of sugar. The yeast needs something to eat because when it eats it releases the gases
and it creates the lift in the bread that’s also a teenager fork. Okay, so now this is
regular all-purpose flour, sometimes I use about a third of bread flour, sometimes I
use whole wheat, I have all-purpose. Now this is a very resilient recipe, one cup
of water, tablespoon of yeast, tablespoon of sugar. You know I like to make recipes
I like to adjust them until they are [1:1, two, whatever]. Well this is a one, two, three
focaccia. Alright, so I’m going to start with three cups of flour and I’m going to turn
my mixer back on and let it start doing its thing. I will add more flour what I want to
do with this to get the amount that I want is to incorporate about five cups of flour
in order to do that I need some more water. How much? I don’t know. That’s the worst thing
about flour, it has good days and bad days. You kind of have to work around what the flour
wants at any given moment. It’s like trying to date, you don’t know what you’re getting
into until you’re in the middle of it. Alright come over here and take a look. See
that. See how it’s starting to come together? We’re going to drizzle a little bit more in
there. Just some, not acres and acres. Sometimes I’ve used part olive oil, it’s really good,
it makes what I think a softer dough, but I’m not going to know right now we are keeping
this as simple as we can get it. Okay, so now I’m going to add my other two cups of
flour. Now you can, if you want to, give your yeast some more water, you know, five minutes
or so to proof or to bloom is what they call it just to make sure your yeast is good and
working but frankly most of the time you don’t need the extra step. So this yeast is okay
because I used it yesterday. Alright, little more water and for the most part all you’re
going to do is drizzle in water like you know a splash or two at a time until you get the
right consistency for the most part let the mixer do the work for you so that’s what I’m
going to do sit and drizzle. Alright, I think I’ve added maybe a total
of a quarter-cup of additional water so that’s how much it took today. It can take more or
less on other days and here’s how you tell how much you need. Come over here and take
a look. You see how it’s kind, well now it’s turned into an evil wad, alright this is what
you’re look for in the texture, see how I pull it, you’ve got some stretch and it’s
kind of doing that elasticity thing and it’s sticky but it’s not like super mega ultra
sticky it’s not like a biscuit dough. Now I did add a teaspoon of salt I say once it
was most of the way finished. Now, lot of the times when you’re making bread,
it’s going to tell you to transfer this to an oiled bowl, and cover it and let it rise,
which means you have an extra bowl to wash. But you don’t have to. Same bowl, stash it
over here in a nice warm place and this is going to rise. If you want to give it about
an hour, sometimes an hour and a half. And don’t get too close to a heat source, because
you’ll start baking the dough in the bottom. Slide the olive oil on the bottom of the baking
sheet and that’s one of the hallmarks of focaccia is lots of olive oil, salt, and you can put
all kinds of stuff with this stuff. Rosemary is a classic but different more cheeses with
it if you want to bake it in I mean just anything that you can think of its delicious with bread
it’s delicious in the bread. Okay. Alright. Yea, look it’s magic, the tooth fairies came
and fixed my dough. Ok, I guess, I don’t know how long it had an hour and hour and half
I don’t know. I’m not sure. Alright, so all I’m going to do is punch it
down. Now, this is why I like this stuff there’s no fussing to this bread I mean if you saw
the first video you saw how very little went into making the dough. Now, I’ve got oil on
your hands and it won’t stick. You can, if you want to, use the same recipe for a yeast
pizza crust. Now I will say we do but we also go ahead and put all the herbs in it because
it tastes good. And if we have some extra of this, which sometimes I make two pans and
if one pan is not enough two pans is just enough extra you can actually split it open
and stuff it with mozzarella cheese and marina and it makes one of the most wicked variations
on a grill cheese ever. Think I’m about to show you. Alright show I’ve already done a
video about roasting garlic which is just a revelation and it was to me. Just keep stretching
this stuff out. Most foccacias are rustic. Rustic is my favorite, rustic makes it smell
fancy. Rustic is another way, I guess it’s a foodie way, of saying that it’s homemade. Alright, so I made roasted garlic and when
I roasted the garlic and you drizzle it with olive oil, and you wrap it up in tin foil,
and you bake it for about an hour. Well, when I pulled that out of the oven, I poked a little
hole in the bottom and I set it on top of my measuring cup, so we’re going to get rid
of that. There’s it goes you know what I have here. I have roasted garlic infused olive
oil. Which is just about the coolest ever. Okay, so don’t worry about this extra okay
this is going to bake into your dough that’s part of the hallmark flavor. Okay here’s my
roasted garlic that I mashed up. You can use as much or as little as you want. We literally will take roasted garlic cloves
and snack on them, but in this case I’ve squished them all down. I’ve almost made a paste. And
so this paste is going to go all over my dough. Oh, no that one didn’t get squished. Roasted
Garlic is one of the better things in life. Use your fingers. You know what, I had somebody
make a comment about when I was making bread at my house that I should wear gloves to be
hygienic. Instead I chose to use soap and water. You’ve got to use your hands in your
food. If you can’t touch and feel your food, you don’t get a lot of the texture and the
feedback. So if it’s trying to talk to you, sometimes it talks through your hands. Now of course, you’ve got to scrub up and
if you’re on the food service or if you’re cooking for lots of people, or if you’ve got
cross examination issues that’s one thing. But anyway, I’m new here and that’s just the
way it is. Okay, so roasted garlic. I’m not going to use all of this right here, because
I’m also going to use a little of this olive oil as a dipping sauce for the bread cause
I like to serve this up with some of the marinara. Well, usually I serve it with a fettucine
and marinara, and so you have a couple of just unbelievable, yummy things to dip this
crusty deliciousness into which that’s just like batter on top of fabulous. Okay, so I’m
going to wash up. I’ve got my oven set to 450 degrees and if you want to you can let
it rise a little bit at this point I usually forget and just throw it in the oven because
there’s so many children running around, telling me that I’ve got to go do something. So, I’m
going to wash my hands. I’m not going to sprinkle it with salt, because I put salt in the dough,
I put salt in the roasted garlic and I think that’s plenty. But I’m going to throw it in
the oven and it’s going to take about 15 to 20 minutes. Okay, I’m going to get [hygienic]. Alright,
this had about, I guess 17 minutes in the oven. And this is what it looks like when
it comes out, actually no it doesn’t look like this, I gave it a little sprinkle of
parmesan, but if you have really good parmesan use that I just had the stuff that comes in
the thingy, the round, yeah. It still tastes pretty good. Okay, so this is what I like
to do if I can do this without burning the fire out of myself, because it’s hot. Okay,
so we’re going to cut a couple of strips and actually, I usually don’t even get to the
strip cutting section. Because the kids come in and they find it, they start tearing off
the edges. So right through the middle, maybe. Hot. Okay, so yes, you can serve this with
about anything you want to, because it’s delicious. But what I’d really like to do is this has
got roasted garlic oil, you know, after we roasted off our garlic I drained the oil.
This is some fresh simple marinara that I had perking on the back of my stove. Now I
have little cheesy bread sticks with roasted garlic. Amazing. Super simple, ultra inexpensive,
mega delicious. Yummy, Yummy, Yummy.