Hi. This is Rich Buccola here in New York
City and today on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you how to make an artichoke
and roasted pepper dip. Ladies and Gentlemen, meet our serving bowl. Yes, a beautiful, beautiful
round piece of bread I got from the famous, world famous beressi bread. Probably the best
bread in the world. And I’m telling you that because it is. But we’re going to just show
you how I serve my dip. I actually serve it right here in this bread. What’s great about
this bread is you can actually just follow the circle of the crust going around. And
what I do is just take a paring knife and I’m just going to slice in, just going all
the way around my whole bread, like so. Once we get to the other end, we’re done. And what
I do is, I just pop this right off. Be careful and you’ll see that’s, I’m going to hollow
this out a little bit with our fingers. I don’t throw away the top, I actually use that
for the dipping sauce as well. We’re going to cut that up. Just hollow this out a little
bit and you’ll see how it’s beginning to be our bowl for our dip and I put my dip right
in here and that’s how I serve it. Alright so I have my cap and before we can close this
clip, what I do is I just cut about one inch this way and I’m going to make one inch cubes
with this. And this could be a nice dipping, dipping bread as well, you know? And we’ll
put that on the tray. So cut it that way and then you know just cut your squares this way.
About one inch and you see you cut all this up and you have these.