Hello everyone it is Barry here welcome to
my virgin kitchen now today is world book day so if you are watching this video tomorrow
I apologise but I figured I would do a recipe from a book and I was going to do barry potter,
I was going to do butter beer from harry potter but I do not really know it you are a wizard
Barry that is all I have got, I just figured it was a bit clich� and I have not seen
any of the harry potter films so I decided to do a recipe from my first book, notice
I said first book I am currently writing my second one right now there is this amazing
salted caramel rolo mousse in there and it will blow your mind I am adapting it slightly
in terms of and turning it into little shooters or shot things lets do it.
First thing we make our mousse we have separated 4 eggs so 4 egg whites in there we will see
the yolks in just a minute, we just whip these up alright we have some peaks forming so we
add a tablespoon of caster sugar, and we just work that through it should get nice and glossy,
wicked look at that peak loving it. Ok so here are the egg yolks and I am just pouring
in some melted dark chocolate this is still slightly warm we do not want to scramble the
eggs but the heat will start to work the egg yolks a little bit, so get it in there, we
mix this through with a wooden spoon but you can use a whisk if you like, get the yolks
and the chocolate all there, oh gosh, look it kind of looks like chocolate orange, oosh.
So next we push the chocolate mixture in with the egg whites now a spatula is good for this
as you can scrape every bit of the bowl get it all in there, and then just fold through
keep working it until fully merged as one colour keep lifting it to keep as much of
that air in as you can, there we go all gorgeous and combined lets get it in our serving glasses,
so this is a 100ml shot glass, in my book I use full size glasses but I wanted to do
these as little shots today and one of them I am going to adapt it I have got others here
I have been doing so will tap it to settle I want to take the mousse three quarters of
the way up but with one I will do a bit of mousse then some salted caramel then mousse
again like a hidden layer, either way we just fill them up. Alright we start the salted
caramel first thing a pan on a medium flame this is our sugar on there oh my goodness
then our water so what we are going to do is mix this together until the sugar dissolves
ok I am just going to turn that down to a lower heat it is all mixed through kind of
like a glue texture we do not need to stir anymore and be careful it is really hot all
we want to do is get it so it changes colour to a caramel colour then remove from the heat,
we have a nice steady simmer there I can start to see a slight colour change there so we
will keep going a little longer. Ok that is at a nice colour now we do not want to burn
it or anything so we carefully transfer it while we add our other ingredients. So into
our caramel goes the cream like so oh my goodness push the butter in too so the heat from that
sugar will melt the cream and the butter through so we just need to stir it, there we go nice
caramel sauce and with it being salted caramel I am grabbing some salt add as much or little
as you like I normally go for about 2 teaspoons of course that is optional if you just want
a caramel sauce then we just stir it through and transfer to a jug to cool down fully.
So the final step for the mousse we whip up some double cream with an electric whisk that
is it basically so it is nice and thick do that and we are ready to build it, got a bit
of cream leftover so boston is happy about that. Ok so we have a chocolate mousse out
the fridge and are going to pour the salted caramel sauce onto it just like so leaving
a little lip at the top then sit our cream in there be rough if you want I am flexible
about that think it is quite nice to have a little dollop right here are some rolo pieces
this is a rolo I have cut into quarters like so and that my friends is our little salted
caramel rolo mousse shooter all done amazing times.
Oh my gosh here we go guys do keep them in the fridge if you are not going to eat them
straight away I have the cream mousse and the salted caramel in one mouthful here we
go oh my god. Ah so good guys well I would not have put it in my book if it was not that
good and if you have not got my book it is available on amazon there is links and stuff
down below any recipes ideas you have for future videos and if you try this recipe let
me know on twitter and all other social media, remember to subscribe and I will see you next
time, I guess I better finish this off now, hmmm