the South Korean government announced a
second batch of regulation-free zones part of efforts to boost domestic demand
and foster next generation growth engines Kim bo-gyung introduces to us
the new special zones the South Korean government has designated seven
regulation-free zones to allow the testing of new technologies and nurture
new regions specific industries the committee for designating
regulation-free zones led by Prime Minister inna young announced at the
Sejong government complex on Tuesday that seven areas have been exempted from
a total of 26 regulations the special zones include Gwangju which will be free
from regulations on unmanned low-speed special vehicles chalindo for new energy
projects who sent for green hydrogen mobility kang seung-yoon lambda for
unmanned vessels kolobok dopher eco-friendly vehicles Jeju Island for
electric car charging services and taejun for the biomedical sector
companies in these special zones will be free from all red tape for the
development of their designated industries which have been identified as
future growth engines for the respective regions with Tuesday’s announcement
local governments expect to attract 140 businesses create 2200 jobs and generate
sales of 1.6 billion u.s. dollars over the next two to four years prime
minister ena Hyun said that the special zones will revitalize regional
industries this is the second announcement of its kind since the
government announced exemptions for seven areas including Pusan for
blockchain technology tegu for smart wellness and Chola nam though for a
mobility key Mugen Arirang news