over the past week Korea’s IT Giants
have been announcing their visions for the future to build a base for future
innovation they’re planning to invest hundreds of millions of dollars in
artificial intelligence and the 5g mobile network while the government is
planning to restructure the science ministry or SIA has more from
self-driving cars that pick you up at the door to hologram phone calls and
robot baristas South Korean tech giants are placing that that’s on artificial
intelligence and 5g Samsung Electronics on Tuesday said the 5g mobile network
and AI will lead the company into the future
becoming the backbone of smartphones wearable speakers IOT and other smart
technologies it pledged to conduct state-of-the-art research and that seven
global AI centers across five countries Samsung currently holds the third
largest number of AI patents behind Microsoft and IBM
according to IP lytx local telecom firms which launched the first 5g network in
the world for mobile users in April are also at the heart of developing AI
solutions to make life smarter faster and more convenience KT corporation
announces plans to invest 258 million u.s. dollars over the next four years to
become an AI company and nurture 1,000 professionals in the field SK Telecom
and platform giant Kakao also made the ball turn towards AI striking up a swap
share there was 257 million dollars to strengthen cooperation in developing
related technology and content working with small and medium-sized businesses
and researchers in the country these IT giants are aiming to help turn the
country into an AI powerhouse as Korea is still considered around two years
behind the u.s. in China when it comes to AI related research and development
the government said Tuesday that er will strengthen policies and restructure the
science ministry to create an enabling environment focusing on what it calls
DNA data network in AI the ministry will dedicate a new Bureau to policies on AI
big data and nurturing digital professionals separate from the ICT
Bureau it will also create a bureau for network security and make other
structural changes to encourage regulatory reform and innovation the
government has earmarked 1.4 billion dollars and next year’s budget for data
network in AI an increase of 50 percent from this year Oh Sooyoung Arirang news