Archangel:”Hey, what are you doing?”
Karel: “Hey, I told you not to enter without knocking I told you not to ever enter without knocking” A: “But what happened? What are you doing?” K:”I’m watching a film, I found, “How to lose 100kg… stop recording it” *stuttering* I found how to lose weight” Totohoker: “I’ll prove you all, that it doesn’t matter how you start, it doesn’t matter how much you weigh or are you ashamed to go to the gym, do whetever, I’m with you, I’ll support you… and you will support me because from now I’m starting 100 days to prom night, on which I want to look like a princess on a ball, like every girl” K: “100 days to prom night I will be slim already”
A: “But you don’t have to do it” K: “This doesn’t concern you because you’re slim, get out of here It’s not your business” A: “mhm, but”
K: “Goodbye, don’t record this” *Polish Nickelback x Smash Mouth x Flute x Jewis vibes intro* T: “Hey, my name is Totohoker and today I will show you my history of losing weight Since always I was fatter, when I was 14 years old I said STOP, I don’t want to live like this I want to be beautiful, healthy, I wanted to be adored by boys at that time I want to feel how it is it be strong, independent, I want to have self-esteem Be accepted by myself… and others beacuse I wasn’t accepted” K: “You need to pay attention to this tone of voice, our main character, she says all her words as if she were on a school appeal right now and was explaining what her Polish teacher gave her to do on “After lesson Polish Club” T: “And today I will present you my history of losing weight Since always I was fatter, when I was 14 years old I said STOP *distorted* I don’t want to live like this” “In a short ammount of time I lost 10kg, but unfortunately, with a yoyo effect the diet was very restrictive of which effects you see now” “diet so restrictive, that yoyo effect got fucked up [SEE VIDEO]” “From 57kg of pure muscle, I gained weight to 105kg this is my maximum weight” K: *laughing* and she says it so proudly “this is my maximum weight” *pretending to be toto* “if you would like to know my parameters, my maximum weight is 105kg” T: “I’ll prove to you all, that no matter how you start, , it doesn’t matter how much you weigh or are you ashamed to go to the gym, do whetever, I’m with you, I’ll support you… and you will support me because from now I’m starting 100 days to prom night, on which I want to look like a princess on a ball “brain programming by Disney movies [CONSPIRACY THEORIES]” every girl, every girl wants to look good on their prom night” K: “Nghh, *coughs* I’m too starting right now, 100 days, to lose 100kgs for prom night I announce you, I’ll lose weight, I’ll be slim again, just like all girl princess on a ball are take the challenge with” *drops to the floor* A: “show me your bootie” K: “du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du du” T: “And I will prove you all, I won’t go in a tracksuit as always, in this tracksuit that is destroyed from wearing” K: *hystericaly laughs* “I won’t go, I won’t be in a tracksuit destroyed from wearing go to a prom night I will go better dressed, you will see, I won’t wear this old hoodie, in these 10 hoodies I will go in a new dress to prom night! I’ll be slim, I can do it” T: “I hid my overweight in it, but I will go as a princess to the ball I’m a young person, full of passion, goals and dreams, everybody says that it’s unreal and I won’t achieve what I want but I will prove to you, that you can achieve anything K: “YEAH” what power your subconsciousness has
K: “YOU HAVE” stop braking your dreams
K: “STOP” stop doing what others think is right
K: “STOP, THAT’S RIGHT” because there are some limits, BUT WHO FUCKING SETS THESE LIMITS”
K: “WHO FUCKING SETS THESE LIMITS ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID, WHAT FOR, WHO SAID TO YOU THAT THAT, FUUCK ARGHHHH *COUGH*” T: “only you, only you set the limits of your morals, of your durability, only you are the lord of your fate K: “I AM THE LORD, FUCK” I am the lord of my fate K: “I AM THE LORD, I AM I AM” when it’s your turn WHEN WILL YOU UNDERSTAND THAT IT’S A FIGHT ABOUT YOUR LIFE K: “FUUUUCK, WHEN WILL YOU UNDERSTAAAAND FINALLY, HOW LONG CAN YOU WAIT FUCKING HELL, FUCK” BIGGEST BID, WHY SHOULD YOU SUBORDIANTE TO OTHERS DID YOU UNDERSTAND? start to live K: “START TO LIVE” CROSS YOUR BORDER” K: “CROSS IT” “FUUUCK” *HEAVY STOMPING AND BREATHING SOUNDS* T: “because borders only you create, in your head” K: “ONLY YOU, CREATE, IN YOUR HEAD, SHIT YOURSELF” *Archangel laughs* *some random gym movie starts automatically* K: “What? Fuck off” “Goodbye, fucking Simonte, fuck off” A: “Hey darlings, I just woke up and I want to show you my daily care routine we will go to the bathroom what are you doing in the bathtub?! K: “Working out, I’ll lose weight and be slim leave me alone, you can’t inerrupt me now, I’m losing weight right now” T: “Today I’m coming to you with a move, how it is to have a sugar daddy every one of us has a moment, that changed us forever after we are different people, than we were just earlier in my case it’s sponsoring where did the idea come from? at one time in my life I realized how people look at these people how they categorise certain values and people it was the main reason I did it, I knew, I wanted to share my story with the world I knew, that people would judge me, I knew they would call me a whore on the street K: “I’ll have a sugar daddy to show you *cough*, to make a movie on YouTube” and I did it after all, why ask the question to yourself *Karel laughs* Phone: “Hello, ***** pizzeria, how can I help you?” K: “Hello, I would like to order a pizza” Phone: “Okay, what pizza will it be? K: “Answer the question yourself” Phone: “I don’t understand, you want me to pick the pizza for you? K: “Answer the question yourself” how did my adventure with juvenile prostitution start? how much did they pay? you don’t tell the prices but the cost of virginity varies from 20 to 30 thousand zlotych in England (6k-8k$/5€-7k€) of course in Poland this price is a lot K: “Varies from 20 to 30 thousand zlotych, that was if I told you by accident, but you don’t tell the prices so no no no, I won’t tell you today, no chance, you have to find out in another movie” how many sugar daddies did you have? when you’re overweight 40kg it was hard to even find one so I had one at a time overall I had three, but one didn’t find me attractive K: *laugh* “I don’t belive it, it must be a troll, there is no… one didn’t find me attractive, I don’t believe someone could say this seriously give subscription and thumbs up” how to find this kind of person? there are several sites like datezone, ogł (announcments24) (lookingforarich), on this last site I found MY sugar daddy how old was he? in my case how old were they they were middle-aged men K: “This is a good moment too, how old were they? it were middle-aged people you couldn’t give a more general answer nooo, this isn’t really happening” they were middle-aged were they groomed? yes, they were, money does it’s job I assume that “who makes a fuss, doesn’t fuck” can you make a living out of it without working anywhere else? of course you can when you make average lowest in Poland in one night, then obviously you can make a living K: “Average, lowest country pay in one night so I like it that she doesn’t aim too high, she doesn’t want average pay, she wants lowest average but in one night, she values herself and knows her value” his first reaction when he saw me, he hugged me and said that I don’t have to do it I can take the money and just leave but I decided that no way, if someone pays me for something, I have to do my job This way I made myself a whore the first time K: “I now imagined what it looked like, she walks in there, he look at her and says “here you go, take the money and you can go, take the money and we don’t have to do anything you know, there is no problem” and she goes “no no no, I won’t take the money and not do my job you need to have some honor right?” and the guy goes “No no, okay okay, here is another pile of money” “no no, my papa, sugar daddy, come to me” Doesn’t it digust you, that they will be touching you? I’ve exceeded my limits of morality at some point K: “Because here she can’t even articulate what she wants to say so in the previous clip ok, cool, a fat person sets herself a goal to get rid of the obesity, it’s a good occurence and I saw a lot of thumbs up because to some people the level of unrealness she presents it’s cool if she loses weight before promnight for real” I’ve exceeded my limits of morality at some point and I understood that despite my friends knowing about it, the would find out about it I will go with my head up high being proud of who I am In my opinion despite losing physical virginity I’m still a prude, I still have mental virginity which noone can take from me, except the person that I love K: “and here we come to the climax of this occurance if I’m not a virgin I still have mental virginity, which noone will take from me we don’t even know what it means yeah cool, a very cool chanel, something like this was missing on YouTube and let’s hope we have more things like this, I invite him dearly to Kongres Nowej Prawicy (Polish right-wing political party of conservative-liberal and eurosceptic character) he didn’t share any techniques he used, there would be more of these” and now a word for these, who are called sluts, whores because maybe they chose the wrong guy because you know, people love judging, you should be proud of who you are! K: “YOU ARE” It doesn’t matter who judges you
K: *repeating “IT DOESN’T MATTER” It doesn’t matter who judges you, go with your head up high
K: “GO UP HIGH” I want to show you with my attitude, that everyone has a beautiful soul, everyone is sensitive and everyone has something to offer, but you have to find this beauty why do you prefer to get shit talked
K: “DON’T LET YOURSELF GET SHIT TALKED” to get judged, rather than prove your value draw conclusions, only you show how much you are worth K: “YOU SHOW IT” human mentality is that they talked, they talk and they will talk they will always find a topic to talk about you K: “ALWAYS” but you show them it’s worth to do mistakes K: “TO BE ON EVERYONE’S TOUNGES” you think you know me? it’s only the beginning *CLUB MUSIC INTENSIFIES* *BASS DROPS* *DURU DURU DURU* *THEM MOVES* *HOT AF* “Discussed films:
Totohoker” Plastering mortar:
Knauf Goldband Theatrical performance entitled:
“SHE LOST 3 SUGAR DADDIES IN ONE NIGHT – Totohoker method” *browsing* A: “What are you doing?” K: “What? I’m searching, never mind here I have to type in Karelen Here I’m looking for sponsor for YouTube don’t be worried at all it will be some yoghurt I will be advertising or something, yes yes” A: “Oh, okay” K: “Yeah, so bye I’m going to go fill in the rest here it will be 112cm” Music:
sped up
Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Zeb BL) Hey hello, this is Gianni Goldbaumini it has been 100 days and I want to show you that anything can happen if you only strongly belive in it, anything can go your way hold the camera look, I’m slim, I did it, I lost weight and now I’m happy now I will look like a princess at the ball as all the girls AND YOU TOO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! you too believe in yourself pumpkin pie dude, tap that insta thanks