It’s surprisingly easy to make your own
butter, and it is a brilliant way to get
children to think about the science of how one substance can be changed into another. Tonight, Brownies, we’ve got lots and lots of scones, but we don’t anything to put on them, but I have lots
of cream and I have heard that we can change
cream into butter and whipped cream for our
yummy scones for later. We make the butter by putting in to the
jar and shaking it really really hard. And we make the whipped cream by putting it into the bowl and whisking it really hard, and
while do we do this I want you to think about changes that
happen to the cream when we make it into butter and make it
into whipped cream. Do you want to pour your cream into your
jar? And are you going to start whipping? Whip it really hard. Whip whip whip, is your arm getting sore? Do you want to pass it on to Suzanna? You have a go now, whisk really really hard. Whisking the cream ads air to it, and breaks apart the fact globules
in it. The fat forms protective bubbles around tiny pockets of air and changes the
cream from a liquid into foam which is what we call whipped
cream. Hold the jar like that, and shake it really hard, as hard as you can shake it! Keep shaking, and I want you to think, can you feel anything changing inside yet? Or does it still feel like a liquid? Milk and cream are composed mainly of
water and fat. The fat is in the form of microscopic
globules, which are like tiny balloons filled with
fat molecules. Cream has more of these fat globules than milk, which is why it’s thicker. When we shake the cream in a jar the
globules bash against each other. This makes their skins brick so the fat
molecules spill out. As we keep shaking the freed
fat globules join together making one big lump of fat, which separates out from the water. Lucy
can you feel anything happen to it when you shake it? A bit? Does it still sound like liquid? Ooh! That looks really cool! We just pour that off. There’s so much. And what are we left with? We’re left with… butter! There we go, scones for everyone. I think what we did was we were whipping really really really hard and we may
have to turned our cream into butter as well. So we types of butter, butter we made by whipping, and butter we made by shaking. Download the infosheet to learn more about the science of what we were doing tonight. We’d love to see your photographs and
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