Hi! It’s Heather from Thicketworks, and
today I’m excited to share my very first experiments with Seth Apter’s Baked
Texture Embossing Powders for Artists… Since the moment that Seth first
announced this new release, I was so excited! So, i pre-ordered back in
December. Well, they finally arrived…and I was on cloud nine just opening the box!
If you don’t already follow The Altered Page, and Seth’s social media accounts,
please do. He always has amazing things to share – like his new release of Baked
Texture! I decided to create a quick sample card on some neutral gray
cardstock, using each of the colors in turn. And we’re starting out with Rocky
Road. I also wanted to test a variety of binding media, so I’m going to begin the
process by using VersaMark to stamp the same exact motif over and over again, and
use it with each of the new Baked Textures. The first thing that I fell in
love with was the fact that all of these embossing powders are nuanced. Almost all
of them are created from a variety of particle sizes and pigments. It’s that
subtle variation from one area of the embossed motif to the next, that just
makes my heart beat faster! I’m a huge fan of both metallic surfaces and grunge.
And Seth has managed to combine these two obsessions of mine in this release. I
am smitten! I’ve always been a huge fan of embossing powders – but I’ve never
found (for instance) a metallic gold that meets my inner desire to have something
that has a nuanced surface..UNTIL I heated up Ancient Amber for the very
first time. THIS is the gold embossing powder that I
have been searching for my whole life! I love that. I recently had a friend ask me
which of this new release is my very favorite, and frankly that’s a difficult
question to answer… Because LOOK at this! Dirty Sand has this
amazing combination a flecks of darkness and gleaming bright metallic. And Chunky
Rust? Oh my goodness! Just watch this bloom…it’s incredible!
The final Baked Texture that I’ll test in this way is Patina Oxide…and yep, I’m
just as much in love with it as all the rest. But what’s coming up is my all-time
favorite! I’m going to begin this process by creating a background that contains
several varieties of color using Vintage Photo and Spiced Marmalade Distress Inks –
to do some stamping and some distressing and that’s important, because the Vintage
Beeswax Baked Texture is perfect for creating a faux encaustic effect! To take
full advantage of that effect, it’s important to have several layers of
pigment going on in the background…so now that we’ve stamped our motif and
added some DIY coffee stain, I’m going to distress the edges and the surface with
a final swipe of Vintage Photo. I’m also going to be testing a different binding
medium. I’m using vegetable glycerin rather than VersaMark to create a layer
to which the Vintage Beeswax can cling. Because glycerin is not a water-based
medium, you can paint it across the surface of Distress Inks without
worrying about it causing smears. Glycerin is very inexpensive,
and it’s a wonderful way to apply any embossing powder to a large surface like
this tag. Seth recommends at least two full coats of Vintage Beeswax to get the
full effect…and you can see how shiny and textured that first layer has turned
out to be! Now, I’m adding a second layer. Now, encaustic surfaces are not super
shiny…and Seth has a wonderful way to create a matte texture over this
gorgeous shiny surface. Now, this is a beautiful treatment as well, but I was
really anxious to see how far I could take the faux encaustic look. I’ve torn
the first tag and mounted it over a tag that’s only been treated with Distress
Inks…and next, I’m going to be adding a layer of matte medium to portions of the
surface of the Vintage Beeswax. I’ve decided to leave an exposed strip of the
original Vintage Beeswax so that we can appreciate the difference that the matte
medium makes in the final outcome. And here you can see the rich soft gleam of
the matte medium areas as opposed to the beautiful clear translucence of that that
has not been coated. Next, I want to create a border using Rocky Road…and
Spiced Marmalade as a binding medium. This is a test of how the embossing
powders cling to Distress Inks…and the results of this test are: they cling
beautifully! Yep. Now things are gonna get a little crazy
over the next few minutes, because I made it my personal challenge to include
EVERY ONE of the new Baked Texture Embossing Powders on this single tag! So
get ready for more experiments! Using glycerin again, I’m just going to add
touches of Chunky Rust. I am a huge fan of rust effects, and so I know I’m going
to be reaching for this particular Baked Texture over and over. Next, I’m going to
use glycerin to create random areas using the Deep Sea Baked Texture. I
warned you it was going to get a little crazy around here! The Deep Sea Baked
Texture adds dark and mysterious areas… Next, I’m going to reach for Patina Oxide…
and that will create amazing bright lines of gleam throughout the design. Is it just me, or do you get a thrill out of watching an embossing powder bloom
like this? I mean this is just magical! And the fact that it works so
beautifully with so many different binding media is a total bonus. Using
embossing powders with stamped motifs is totally one of my favorite things to do…
but I find it deeply exciting to be able to create drips and splatters and
blotches of super cool colors and textures! Let’s see how these work with
Boss Gloss by Stampendous…I’m confident that this little experiment will be just
as successful as all the other binding media that we’ve tried. Okay, so we’ve
added some areas of Dirty Sand, and now it’s time for the final star of the show:
Ancient Amber. These custom blends of color and texture are just unlike any
embossing powders that I’ve had the pleasure to work with in the past and I
am completely in love! And this is the end of our experiment. I’ve used every
single one of the Baked Texture Embossing Powders on this little tag…and
frankly, I love the way it looks – I love the way it feels –
it’s gorgeous! This is one of those product lines that engages the
imagination and helps us expand our vision of what’s possible. I don’t know
about you, but I’m a big fan of any product that helps expand the creative
possibilities for mixed media…and the new Baked Texture Embossing Powders
definitely do that! This is only the first of what I’m sure will be many, many
experiments using these new extraordinary products, and I want to
personally thank you Seth, for keeping in mind people who
appreciate the open-endedness and the artistic freedom that this new line of
product embodies. Thank you! And that, my friends, is that! Thank you so much for
hanging out with me today. Until next time…Bye