chef buck here and today we’re
gonna cook us up a shrimp remoulade you know this is this is just an awesome
salad I used to eat this all the time in New Orleans used to peddle my bicycle
down to the gumbo shop off a Jackson Square
you know this and a little crawfish pasta boom that was heaven man now I’m
gonna use a tomato Puri but you can use tomato sauce if you want you can even
use ketchup you know I’ve used them all you know if
you want a thinner sauce go with the tomato sauce here I’m looking for a
little thicker so I’m gonna use the Puri I’m gonna put in some creole mustard and
you know if you don’t have creole mustard using any kind of stone ground
mustard you can even use Dijon mustard don’t use hot dog mustard you know I’m
gonna put in some chili powder paprika I’m gonna put in some sugar too you know
if you’re using ketchup don’t don’t add the sugar and you don’t have to add the
sugar anyway a little bit of salt and then I’m gonna throw in some olive oil
and then about half as much vinegar I’m using a balsamic vinegar but you can use
red wine vinegar whatever kind of inner you got hand is gonna work I’m gonna
throw in a little Worcestershire sauce you know about 1/2 a teaspoon but you
can use less than that you know you got to be careful with that stuff is it’s
pretty powerful I’m gonna put in some hot sauce a little Frank’s hot sauce use
whatever kind you like and use whatever amount you like you know I’m measuring
out here you know because it’s so many damn ingredients but normally I just
throw this stuff together and that’s how you got to do what you got to learn what
you like throw it together spooning in a little bit of prepared
horseradish and if you don’t have horseradish don’t even start this you
know now what makes a great roma lot is fresh ingredients I’m using a little
finely chopped parsley a small clove of garlic minced then I’ve got about a
2-inch piece of green onion that I minced up and then a thicker 1-inch
piece of celery that I’ve minced up man and these fresh ingredients make all the
difference I’m gonna grab a lemon and squeeze me about a tablespoon of lemon
juice in here and then we’ll go ahead and get these ingredients stirred up
together and basically what we got at this point is a super duper fancy-pants
cocktail sauce which is delicious but it’s not exactly what we want because
we’re making a salad a shrimp roe Milan salad so we want this to be more like a
salad dressing so we’re gonna smooth it out and we’re gonna transform it into a
kinder gentler sauce by adding a little bit of mayonnaise well maybe not a
little bit I mean we’re gonna end up almost with this much mayonnaise as
tomato puree but you want to add just a little bit at a time because what we
don’t want to do is have some overpowering mayonnaise taste mucking up
our Oh Milan sauce so just add a little bit as you see fit you know give it a
taste you know make sure that it’s where you want it to be but just don’t go
ahead and throw some big lump a lump of mayonnaise in here cuz I don’t know that
just makes for a full row Milan sauce in my opinion but you know you got to make
this to your taste this is my taste fiddle with it and make it new your
taste look how lovely that looks though don’t you just kind of want to stick a
straw in there and start sucking away you know it looks that he looks like a
butterscotch shake well maybe not but give it a taste
and if it’s all right we’ll throw it in the fridge and we’ll get going on the
shrimpy part of this dish throw you a pot of water on the stove get you some
bay leaves in there be generous with the salt and we’re gonna bring it up to a
boil and before we put the shrimp in there let’s get some ice water ready you
know because we want to be able to cool these shrimp down after they’re finished
cooking and what I’m using is some shrimp they got the shells on they’ve
already been deveined and I’m gonna throw them in that boiling water and
boom that water is instantaneously gonna stop boiling and I’ve heard that you’re
supposed to wait for the pot to come back up to a boil and that’s how you
know your shrimp are finished your cooking you know but I don’t I don’t buy
into that as soon as your as your shrimp turned pink that’s it man they’re done
you need to get them off of that heat you know too sweet otherwise they’re
gonna be overdone and nobody wants that I ain’t need no damn rubber shrimp so
I’m gonna pour it out you don’t get that hot water out of there and then throw
them in that ice water bath you know and that’s gonna stop them from cooking and
that’s why they’re gonna be juicy and delicious and you know they’re in the
shell but you know once you cook them boom you just squeeze it there you
squeeze it there that shell comes right off and there you go and now I’m gonna
grab my roma lot sauce out of the fridge and I actually made this early in the
day so that it would have hours and hours to sit around and let those
flavors you know marry and get to know each
so I’m just gonna pull my shrimp in there and get it all nice and mixed up
and boy that smell you know I just love this dish because it’s just such a great
New Orleans dish and it just reminds me of being back home in the French Quarter
and riding my bicycle up and down 11 you know I just it was a good day if I was
eating this stuff you know I could eat this whole bowl right now but what I’m
gonna do is throw it on some fresh greens I got me a nice spring mix you
know but if I just had a bunch of romaine lettuce
that’d be delicious too so I’m gonna spoon it on there and you know like I
say in all my shrimp dishes the key is to make sure that you distribute the
shrimp evenly cuz camera girl loves shrimp you know if I don’t have him even
then I got to give her the one with the most shrimp and I don’t want to do that
you know I ain’t crazy so I’m gonna go ahead and any leftover sauce I’m gonna
put on the greens I’m gonna sprinkle me a little bit of
chopped green onion and then I’m gonna add me some tomato wedges cuz I love the
taste of fresh tomato with RO Malad sauce you know it’s just awesome and
there you have a man check it out a New Orleans style shrimp remoulade it’s just
fantastic oh you can’t go wrong all right so there you have it you know go
ahead and give this recipe a try and let us know what you think if you want to
print this recipe you know there’s a link below to my food channel comm you
can go there and print the recipe out down in the description I’ve also got it
written out if you just want to take a peek at it and see if it’s something
you’re interested in but definitely give it a go such a fantastic salad you know
I missed this salad like crazy I like to make it but it’s kind of a pain in the
butt to make the dressing because there’s so many ingredients but they’re
all important you know so definitely put everything in there you know and you’ll
love it but thanks for watching subscribe and share the video and do all
that la-dee-da stuff and I will see you in the future