– Hi, everyone. If you’re looking for a fantastic dessert this Saint Patrick’s day,
then look no further. I have a beautiful white chocolate and raspberry bread pudding that you’re not gonna want to miss out on. (peppy harmonica music) Hi, everyone, and welcome to Chocolicious. I’m Gemma Stafford from
Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking. If you’re not already
familiar with my channel I urge you to go over and check it out. I make over the top desserts from scratch for every occasion. We’re gonna start out by making
our white chocolate custard. So in a heavy bottom sauce
pan we’re gonna add in our milk, cream, and
vanilla pod and seeds. And then we’re gonna heat these together over a low heat until they simmer. While your cream mixes simmering we’re gonna get started on the eggs. In a large bowl we’re
gonna crack in our eggs, then add in your sugar
and whisk well together. When whisking eggs and sugar together never let the sugar sit
on the eggs for too long ’cause it will actually start to cook and you’ll get these
little bits of cooked egg. So just whisk it together really fast. Okie dokie, now it’s
time to go get our milk. While your milk mix is still hot we’re going to whisk
in our white chocolate. This smells absolutely fantastic, and I think using the
fresh vanilla pod with the white chocolate just
pairs so well together. To give this bread pudding
a little bit more of an Irish kick we’re gonna
add in some whiskey. Now, if you don’t like
whiskey, you can leave it out. Or, you can add in a different
liquor, it’s up to you. Now we’re gonna take our
hot chocolate cream mix and we’re gonna add it into the eggs. If you used a fresh vanilla
pod now is a good time to take it out, ’cause you don’t want that in your bread pudding. And then just push this guy aside and we’re gonna get started on our bread. So for your bread, you
can use any that you like, white bread, even stale croissants. Today I’m using Challah
because it’s that nice, rich dough that makes for
really good bread pudding. We’re gonna slice and cube this bread, and you want to keep it kinda rustic because it very much is a rustic dessert. Using day old bread for
bread pudding works really well because it absorbs
the custard better. If your bread is too fresh, it actually doesn’t work so good. Bread pudding is a really
popular dessert in Ireland, and growing up my Mum made a lot of it because I came from a very big family, and she had to feed us all. And bread pudding is a really good way to stretch out a dessert. And this bread pudding is
a little bit more special because it’s white
chocolate and raspberry. Stir your bread into the custard and make sure it all gets soaked up. I know this isn’t cooked yet, but it absolutely smells gorgeous. Perfect. Once your bread is all mixed in I like to set it aside and
let it all just soak up together and all those flavors marry for around 30 minutes,
but you can actually even do this the day before. Get it all made ahead and the next day you just have to bake it off. So if you think this
bread pudding looks good you have to head over to my channel today where I’m posting another
Saint Patrick’s Day dessert that I think you’ll love. Now that our bread
pudding had a time to sit and absorb all that lovely custard, we’re gonna go ahead and
add in our raspberries. Raspberries and white
chocolate pair so well together so I don’t know how you could
not do something like this. Gently stir in your raspberries, you don’t want to break them up too much, so then when you’re eating it you get a nice burst of raspberry. Okay, fantastic. This is ready to go into our muffin tins. So go ahead and scoop it right in. I didn’t grease my muffin
tin because it’s non-stick, but if you need to then grease yours. Put in generous amounts
of your bread pudding. The more the merrier, especially on a holiday
like Saint Patrick’s Day. We’re gonna bake these
guys off at 350 degrees for around 20 to 25 minutes,
until they puff up a little bit and still are a bit soft in the middle. Our bread pudding is out of the oven and it looks and smells amazing. So now, all that’s left to do is put in on a plate, garnish, and eat it. I’m gonna serve my bread pudding with some raspberry puree and some whipped cream. And of course, I’m gonna top it off with a tiny bit of grated white chocolate. And I’ll finish it off
with a sprig of fresh mint. And there you have it, a beautiful dessert for Saint Patrick’s Day. And it just goes to show
you, it doesn’t have to be green to be festive and delicious. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, eveybody. I hope you have a wonderful day. I’ll see you next time.