– Reese Witherspoon recently
made headlines when she said, “Sometimes, the kindest
thing we can do for our kids “is let them know when they’re
just bad at something.” (laughing) And when she says her daughter Ava cried over not making a single
basket during the game, Reese said, “Well maybe
you’re bad at basketball.” (laughing) Now while Ava thought that was mean, Reese said, “Well guess what? “Your mom is bad at basketball, too.” So ladies, here’s the question: should parents make
their kids’ lives easier by sugarcoating everything, or, should tough love be the approach? – Well, I’m TL. Tough Love all day long! (applauding) You know, this is so funny, because I thought it was
a generational thing. So, I’m glad to see
Reese is throwing it down like she is in parenting, because, I was growing up in high school and I was so popular and all this. I was in my own click, a click of one. One person in the click, it was me. And I wanted to be popular. You were probably a cheerleader. (laughing) And anyway, I wanted to be a cheerleader, and I remember coming home and going, “I’m going to be a cheerleader.” And my mom looked at me and she goes, “One, you don’t have the
hair or the body for it. Two, you ain’t athletic
at all,” and she said, “Three, the only thing you’re
good at is running your mouth and singing, and if you’re a cheerleader, you’re going to blow
your voice out screaming, so let the cheerleading go and sing, and be a public speaker
and say something, Kim. Don’t be a cheerleader.” (laughter and applause) But I’m saying to you, Teddy and Rachel, I thought my mom hated
cheerleading, right? I thought, “oh she’s just prejudiced.” My sister comes home. She goes, “Oh baby, you’d be the best little cheerleader ever.” I guess she had the body, and
the face and the hair for it. But anyway, you know what I’m saying? I think it’s important
to tell your kids, “Look, this is not what you’re
good at, but let’s focus on what you are good at.” (applauding) You’ll find your purpose that way. – I agree with you. I 100% agree, because life is hard. No one’s going to sugarcoat
anything for you in life, so you shouldn’t do that for your kids. You’re setting your kids
up for failure, you know? I remember my dad told
me that his dad told him, he came home one time, he
was so proud of a paper, or something he did,
and his dad said, “Hmmm, you’re a Lyndsay, that’s
what you’re supposed to do.” You know, he was tough on him,
and that’s how I was raised, and I feel like maybe if it
is a little bit harder for you to be that tough with your kids, like with the Reese Witherspoon example. You get her a basketball, you
get her a basketball tutor, and then you let the tutor
tell her that she’s bad. (laughing) Get her a coach. Let the coach tell her. – And I hear what you guys
are saying, but I also think that there’s a balance of
listening to what your kid wants. I don’t think telling
them, “Oh, you’re so great, you’re wonderful.” But, for example, my daughter
was auditioning for plays, She kept getting in the chorus. I didn’t say anything about it. I was like, yeah, great, whatever. And then she said, “Mom,
I want the lead role. What do I need to do?” And I said, “You need to try harder.” You need to raise your
eye, you need to sing loud, and you need to be proud. – Hold up, hold up,
that sounds good, Teddy. But, she is a granddaughter
of John Cougar Mellencamp. It’s in her blood. – Well, okay, so it’s fine,
but the point is we’re… (laughing) – Yeah. – Sorry. – But, I think, regardless if it’s soccer or whatever it is, you can say, “Listen, you want to be good at it?” Work harder at it, and
if that doesn’t work out, then yeah, you’re still not good at it. – You got to let them know. – But I don’t think all kids should win. Get first place. – Or the trophy thing,
what’s up with that? – No, you can’t, that’s not how it works. I’m glad to see all of you on
the same page with this one, because technically, that’s
really how most people feel. It’s like, my son came
in one day and said, “Dad, I’m gonna be a model.” I said, “What kind of model?” (laughing) He said, “runway model.” I said, “Boy, we’re not model people, you look just like me. (laughing) You couldn’t be no damn model.” Why would you want to go down there and get rejected that hard? Dad, how do you know if
I’m gonna get rejected? You always told us to always try. I’m saving you a trip down there. – Yes. – If you’re not attractive,
you’re not attractive. It’s all right. It’s all right, you just
gotta walk towards the light. (laughing) If you’re not attractive, just admit it. There’s a place for you. – There is, there is, I believe that. – There’s a place for
everybody in this world. Everybody can’t be beautiful. I aint never been cute, and I
aint never walked in no room and went, “Oh, he cute.” – I can relate. – Stop it, both of you. – I like walking into
the room and they go, “Ooh, he got some money.” Give me that! (laughing) – That makes you cute though. That’s the thing that makes you cute. – Hey listen, we need to take a break. Stay with us. Hey, you made it to the end of this video. I got a lot more that
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