bjbj Over and over again, if you ask people
what their favorite Thanksgiving dish is, chances are it s going to be the stuffing.
There are 100,000 ways to make dressings. Side note, dressing s in the south, stuffing
s in the north; we can both ways. I ve always said dressings, but I ve discovered stuffings
recently. This time we re going to do both. Everybody loves it, whatever you call it.
You can put just about anything in one. You can make it with any kind of bread, with crackers,
with cornbread, with seafood, all kinds of dried fruit, bacon, and sausage, you name
it. This, however, is the very basic, simplest, and easiest stuffing/dressing, you can make
for Thanksgiving. In this particular case, I m going roast off a turkey breast here in
a few minutes. I m actually going to violate my southern roots, and I m going to stuff
this bird, but I m going to show you how to make it so you can do it as a dressing, or
a stuffing, either one; super-simple, super-easy. I love this one too because it s also really
inexpensive. I ve been known to throw this one together, because I like to do turkey
all the time. Easy, easy. In my oven, actually right now, at 350 degrees, I have about a
big, crusty loaf of French bread. I cut it into cubes and I ve got it turning into little
toasty cubes in the oven. I ll show you that in a minute. In the meantime, I ve got 1 stick
of butter right here, and I ve got it on medium heat. I ve also got, just about 2 cups of
chopped onion. It was a big onion, use one, it s not rocket science. My celery was little,
so it was about, but it s about a 1 cup of celery. You can go 2 cups, you can go 1 cups,
it doesn t matter. All we re going to do right here is saut our veggies; get everybody in
here. This takes a few minutes because we want them to begin to be turning translucent
and fragrant. What I m going to do is I m going to wait for my bread cubes to finish
toasting off in the oven. I m going to saut my vegetables, and I ll come back in just
a minute and I ll show you the next step. This is what we want with our vegetables,
and all we have in here is butter, celery, and onion. You just want that nice and soft,
translucent. They smell wonderful, of course butter and onion always is fantastic. I went
ahead and pulled our bread crumbs, this is what you want here. As a matter of fact, this
is a great way to tell if they re ready. You hear that? Perfect. The more moisture that
is out of your bread crumbs, then the more flavor it s going to take up later. If you
start with really soft, fresh, moist breadcrumbs, it s not going to have any room to take up
everything else wonderful that you want to put in it. It s up to you, but I like mine
nice and dry and crunchy. Watch me make a mess. I always make a mess when I do this.
Seems like I never have a bowl that s big enough. I ve done this is stock pans before;
great, big stockpots. It seems really, really easy. I know I ve got the bottom of the pan
to the camera, I m sorry. Hang on I ll show you. I ll try to avoid that. At this point
. . . Look. I m working backwards. Everything is in here. The cameraman keeps telling me
that I block the shot and y all can t see what I m going. Of course, that makes perfect
sense to me. Lots of things make sense to me. Seasonings: Anything you like with your
turkey will be great with your dressing. In this case, I have a little bit of Rosemary,
a little bit of sage, a little bit of thyme, and I ve got all dried herbs. You can use
fresh herbs, absolutely fine. That was about 1 teaspoon to 1 teaspoons of each one. If
you re using fresh, double the amount, because dried is stronger. Use a little bit of salt,
this is Kosher salt. I m going to start mixing them together. Last 2 things that are going
to go in here: I ve got a couple of eggs that I ve beaten up, and they re going to go in,
little binder. The tricky thing with dressing: Remember how I said the more moisture that
s out of your bread, the more flavor it will take up? In this case, I ve got about 2 cups
of chicken broth, and I m going to start with just enough to barely moisten it. I don t
know exactly how much moisture I ve already taken out of my bread, so I don t know exactly
how much moisture it s going to take up in a minute. Does that make sense? A lot of times,
I think people go wrong with dressing or stuffings, they have too much or too little moisture.
It s because they don t realize that can pay attention. See, I think it needs a little
bit more. I m going to go ahead and put almost all the rest of this in here. You can pay
attention to what it looks like and what it feels like, and it s entirely up to you. I
think that is just about right. You know what, 2 full cups. At this point we re going to
do a couple of things: I m going to set aside about 2 cups of this, it s going to go in
this bowl, because I m actually going to stuff my turkey breast with it. The rest of it,
I m putting in this buttered casserole dish. Here s the thing, if you re baking this off
with chicken, go ahead and put that casserole dish in the oven about 40 minutes before your
chicken s done, and you re good to go. However, since a turkey, even a turkey breast, takes
a couple 3 hours, you want to go ahead and stash that in the fridge, pull it out, and
bake it off an hour before your turkey comes out. You don t want it sitting around with
the raw eggs on the counter until it s time to put it in the oven, and you don t want
to bake it off too early. The same thing with what you re going to stuff your bird with.
You want to put cold stuffing in a cold bird. It cuts down on the food borne illness on
anything you want to serve. It s not tasty, and people won t like you for it. I m going
to be back in a few minutes, and I will show you what the dressing baked on the side looks
like when it comes out of the oven. We stuck him in here about 20 minutes before we pulled
our turkey. Actually, if you re watching thermometer, which I told you to do, that s when it hits
about 150 degrees. The reason we put it in there at 20 minutes before we pulled the turkey,
and you actually needed 40 minutes to cook, is because our beautiful little turkey breast
up here had to rest for at least 20 minutes. This is our classic onion and celery dressing.
Over there, it s stuffing; over here, it s dressing. This, I m so going to burn my mouth.
It s crispy on the outside edges, juicy inside. I m going to burn myself. This one might be
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