Hey, what’s up guys So I’m gonna teach you how to play Sugar by Maroon 5 And this is an awesome song, it’s really easy this is the version with no capo so it’s the way that the guitar player actually plays it but if you want something a little bit easier, and if you have a capo, you can click on this video and I’ll teach you how to play that with a capo, cool? So this is kinda how the song goes. “Sugar, yes please, won’t you come and lay it down on me” “I’m here, cause I need, a little love, a little sympathy” Cool. Ok, so like I said before, this song is really easy and the reason why is because there’s only four chords and it’s the exact same chords, exact same order, the entire song no matter what part of the song you’re playing. The only annoying part is that every single chord is a barre chord. So uh, like I said before, if barre chords scare you, then go over to my other video that shows you how to do it with a capo, cool? So the first chord is a G flat major, and it looks like this. Ok? So your first finger is barring across fret 2, then you got 4, 4, and then 3. Ok? So Cool? So that’s the first chord. Ok? Now the second chord is a B flat minor, ok? And it sounds like this: Alright, and now this is over on fret 6. Now it looks almost identical to the G major, except you don’t use your middle finger, ok? So you just have a barre on fret 6, then 8, 8, ok? Like that. Cool? So we got G flat major, B flat minor, ok? Now the next chord, you just drop down a string and you’re gonna be playing an E flat minor. Ok? So you barre is still on fret 6, ok? Then you have 8, 8, and then 7. Ok? So: Cool? And then the last chord is a D flat major. Ok? So your barre is now gonna be on fret 4, ok? Now this chord is a little bit tricky cause you gotta use your ring finger to play 3 strings. Ok? So you got: Your first finger on fret 4, and then your ring finger needs to bar as well, across fret 6. So you got: 4, 6, 6, 6, cool? So, Alright, so, the chords we got: G flat major, B flat minor E flat minor and D flat major. Cool? Now, the uh, the rhythm is pretty easy as well. I’m gonna do all downstrokes, and you’re just strumming every chord three times, ok? So it’s like this: Cool? So if you were to count that, the timing would be: One and two and three and four and, Cool? So it’s pretty simple, I mean you just do that the whole song, um, you know, so I’ll play it a couple times slowly, and then I’ll play it up to speed, alright? So: Cool? And then up to speed it sounds like this: So that’s the whole song, believe it or not. Just four chords, that same rhythm, just play it the entire time. Just listen to the song, and try playing along with it. And you’ll see it’s the same thing over and over again. So yeah, if you really hate barre chords with a passion, then click on that, and I’ll teach you how to play it with a capo. and, yeah, that’s it, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram, whatever. All the links will be down in the video description. And yeah, have fun.