One of the things you can do at Sugar Cane
Club is go on a Gully Walk. I’m here with Head Gardner Rodney who is going to take us
on that now. Ok Chess lets go. This is one of our Mahogany trees and this is what we make our furniture from, also years gone by all of the boat frames used to always be made
out of this. Now these, we use these normally to fight one another. With the tips like this.
So we pull like that and then normally the one that breaks off is the loser, this becomes
the winner. So everyone else will be running you down to fight this particular one. This is one of our mango trees here, normally these are the blossoms here that causes you to get
those mangoes, they can actually bear from 1-30 on one bunch. Barbados is actually made
of coral stone and lime. Because of the coral stone and lime it carries lots of fine holes
in the rock.