Cool. What’s your name sir? “Anurag.” What is it? “Anurag.” Anurag. Ok. That’s for sure — You didn’t even try to hide it. Fuck it. So Anurag, which software company do you — Say again. “Arby’s.” Arby’s. That’s a fast food place. You do their software? Come on man. We know. So, that’s cool. And you also, sir? You’re friends with Anurag? What’s your name, sir? “Naveen.” Naveen, alright cool. And Naveen, what do you do, man? You work for who? “Macy’s.” Macy’s. Software also? That’s my people right there, man. You guys fuck with me I’ll send you a virus right now. On your phone. In your pocket. It’s gonna go all the way to your balls, somehow. They’ll figure that out. That Arby’s special sauce come out of the iPhone 5. Get up there in your ass. What kind of doctor are you? “Ophthalmologist.” Ophthalmologist. That’s alright. And what about you [Indian guy]? “I’m a Urologist.” Urologist. Look at this guy wanted to make sure to bring the American accent. Urologist. I went to Yale. Look, Anurag is like: I wish I had that accent. He is so cool. And he’s drinking a martini. Urologist. When you get that infection from the virus… This guy will give it to you. That guy will take it away. We control everything. Your dick is in our hands. So hilarious. Laughed so hard. My cheeks hurt. I mean, so good the way he interacted with the audience. His impressions His accents. Awesome! Coolest show ever. I was laughing the whole time. I actually I was literally saying this earlier I think I have a headache now because I’ve never laughed so much. It was a really awesome night. Hands down the best stand-up I have ever seen! He is the king! He is the king! You have to see him!