Other doctors? Any? By applause. That’s it? Who is, Gordie? “DJ.” Who’s DJ? “Vijay!” Vijay, where’s Vijay? Hey Vijay, how you doing man? Why are you all quiet? You’re indian and a doctor. This is the time to talk. This is the time to brag about that shit and show off in front of the other Indian people. He’s like: Yes, my parents are proud! Are you ok? Vijay’s like holding his arm. What’s happening? We do have a cardiologist here. I know the signs. So Vijay, what kind of doctor are you? “Microbiologist.” Microbiologist. That’s not a doc — What the fuck is that? So you don’t look at people. No, you’re on a microscope. Right? And you just write down reports. And send them to the real doctors. You guys got mad about THAT? I made fun of your crackheads. I made fun of the poor. I made fun of meth and THAT’s what you got mad at? Oh, you attacked a microbiologist. You’ve gone too far, Sugar Sammy. You have crossed the line, sir. This is Winnipeg! Nobody attacks our microbiologists. This is why I make fun of you. I thought Quebec was special. This is it. You guys got mad at this but everything else was fine. “Ask about the lab.” Say again, ma’am? “Ask about the lab.” Ask about the lab. She’s like that creepy old lady in the middle of a horror movie. Ask about the lab. Ask him about the lab… I used to work there, you know… and then a storm came through. I’ll let you figure it out. Vijay, you got anything to say about the lab? ‘Cause we’re all kind of afraid that some sort of fucking leak or explosion or something will contaminate the air. The guy from Ukraine’s really freaking out. Great show! I just saw Sammy for the first time. He was amazing! You guys should come and check it out. He’s great. Yeah, I cried my eyes out! So, for real. He’s really good! Sugar Sammy is excellent! I love him. He makes me laugh to death! And he’s just so good with people, when he improvises like straight up, on the spot. It’s just what makes him so special!