♪ [music] ♪ Hi, I’m Karen Grete from Scandinavian
Today. I am going to make an absolutely delicious and pretty bread. A sunflower
bread stuffed with ricotta cheese and spinach. My little grandson, he loves
anything that has to do with the movie Frozen. And since the new movie Frozen
Fever is coming out and they have sunflowers in the movie, I thought, “This
is the perfect timing to make this delicious bread. So while we’re watching
the movie we can enjoy eating the sunflower bread.” And hopefully, you will
also like it. Let’s start making it. Here you see the ingredients for my
sunflower spinach bread. I have three-quarter cup of milk and it’s
heated to about 85 degree in Fahrenheit. And then I have two tablespoons of olive
oil, I’m adding it. And also I’m going to add the one and a half teaspoon of yeast,
and just mix it all up. And then I’m going to leave it for a few
minutes before I add the whole egg and one teaspoon of salt. And also, I have three
and a half cups of flour, so all of that is going to be mixed up.
Actually, I can add the salt now and also the whole egg. Let’s mix it up. I put the milk, yeast
mixture in here and gradually, I add the flour. And finally, I’m going to mix it by hand. And, of course, you can use an electric
mixer if you have that. And I mix a little bit…and I continue
kneading the bread by hand until it has the right consistency. So it’s just about
right now, I’ve been kneading for several minutes. Okay, and now I’m going to leave
it in the bowl and I’m going to cover it up. And while I’m leaving this alone to
get double in size, I’m going to finish the spinach with the ricotta and
everything else. So here you see the rest of the ingredients for my spinach
sunflower bread. I have about one and a half cup of ricotta cheese. I have four
ounces of mozzarella, one egg, a little bit of nutmeg. If you don’t care
for nutmeg, you don’t need it. Then I have 12 ounces of spinach. I
already cooked it, and I have it drained and it’s chopped up. And then besides
that, you can add salt and pepper to your taste. I’m also going to sprinkle little
bit of breadcrumbs on the dough before I add the spinach. It can absorb some of the
moisture. And then, finally, when I have it all together, I’m
going to sprinkle some sesame seeds in the center of it. So let’s get going, mixing
all those ingredients up here. First of all, make sure you squeeze as
much moisture as you can out of the spinach, all right? That’s very important,
I find, and I think I have done it now. So pull out the moisture, okay, the
liquid. All right, so now I have mozzarella, but if you have parmesan, I
suggest you use parmesan cheese. All right, and here we add the ricotta. And then I’m going to add the one whole
egg. Here it comes. And a little bit of nutmeg, like I
mentioned earlier, but you really don’t have to add that if you don’t care for
that. Add a little bit of salt, and also a little bit of pepper, according
to your taste. All right, so let’s mix it up thoroughly. And then
I’m going to roll out my dough and add this spinach mixture. And I cut the dough
in half, two halves, and turn it into a round ball and then I’m
going to roll them out. And I’m going to make them
about a foot in diameter… …approximately. So now roll it out, and
it’s going to turn into a nice, big circle. And here I have my two circles rolled out,
so this is going to be the top of the sunflower spinach bread. And this is the
bottom, so I can now add the ingredients. So now I rolled out the dough and of
course, the spinach filling is all finished. So I’m taking part of the
spinach filling and putting it in the center of the bread, and then the rest is
going around it in a circle. And here I will show you how it looks
before I place the rest of the dough on top of it, and of course, then I’ll also
use a small bowl which I’m putting in the center, as well. And here we have the top
and it looks like it fits nicely. Going to squeeze the two pieces together
with a fork, all the way around. And in the center, actually, I’m going to
add a dish or bowl. And here is the bowl I’m adding to the center so keep it and
squeeze it down, okay? And then I continue with the
fork around the edges. So I will move the bowl from the center.
Took it off, and I sprinkle the sunflowers and here I am going to cut it in corner
four times, and then I’m going to cut each part about four times. I cut each part in
half and of course, I keep cutting til I have all of it cut. And then what I’m
going to do, I’m going to twist it, press it down. And here comes the next
one. Twist a little bit, press it down, and I go all the way around
like that. Cut another one. Squeeze,
press it down a little bit and then squeeze the end of it together. Here you see my sunflower all finished,
and I’m going to let it rest for about half an hour before I put it in the oven
to bake. So let’s cover it up. And here we have it in the oven ready to
bake at a degree of 350 for approximately half an hour, I would say.
I’ll check back. So here you see my spinach sunflower
bread, just came out of the oven. It’s still so hot and I can’t wait to
taste it, but I have to wait. I have to be patient, but I think it’s
gorgeous. And right next to me I have this sunflower and I think there’s some
resemblance here. So I look forward to eat this and serve it for my family.
I’m sure they’ll like it. So I’m ready to taste my spinach sunflower
pie. I have a nice slice here. It’s still warm and, of course, you can
eat it just plain, or some people like to dip it in a little bit of tomato sauce. So
that’s what I’m doing right now. Mm-hmm, it’s very good. I like it a lot.
So beautiful to look at, healthy. Tastes good. So it was fun
making it, I really enjoyed it. And hopefully, you also like it, and
please subscribe to our channel. Have a great day. Skal! I’ll see you another day. Bye! ♪ [music] ♪