(music) Welcome or welcome back to Nana’s
Cookery Im Gloria donahue and I’m happy to be with you today I’m
really happy to be making this recipe because it’s a recipe I love but I don’t usually make it when my
producer cameraman is a around I usually making it for a group and he’s not here he’s elsewhere so
today I decided the family was gonna be here and he was going to be here and I could
you the recipe this is so easy you can do it for so many
people and a great thing is you put it in the
oven for two hours do noodles and a green veggie in your
diners nothing at the last minute so its wonderful you can get it out of the
way and it’s quick to put together and it’s called Swiss steak supreme
and I have there’s a wonderful picture I go
to its called joe’s market in Ardsley pennsylvania not far from me and they
have really good me and the Really so helpful in what you’re
doing I asked him for his flat iron and cut it ins strips so that it could
be you know easily picked up etcetera I
love this recipe because it has put the meat in and overlap it yeah right like I’m gonna take all this meat and overlap it I’m just gonna dump it
this is another case for I’m making more than the recipe calls
for I’m going to give you the instructions for a 13×9 pan but in fact I’m using a four-and-a-half
one-and-a-half times that because I’m doing it for a larger group
so I’m going to give you the directions for the 13×9. also when you’re
doing something like this it’s hard to know how much you need in
this regard I ordered the food for my 50 high school
reunion I did all the desert but we bought everything else and I told
him forty people and they gave me food for forty people
well they gave me food for forty Lumberjacks I guess our farmers because we not only had it for lunch we
put it away took it out again and had it again for
dinner so the food that you cook especially something like this depends on a lot on whether you’re
feeding hungry teenagers or young people or or older people say
you have to sort a judge that because I really do need would know that
I don’t need as much as I did before so I just dump this meet simple in fact
and if you can get your butcher to cut it like I got mine cut mine that took nothing i right now there’s
mushrooms I could abort sliced mushrooms I didn’t
because I find out sometimes the mushrooms are so large that even if their
slice I have to go through and got them again
so it was easier just to buy them and cut them myself I for this recipe for your size 13×9
knowing it it would be two pounds of meat in a
buttered 13 by 9 and you we have eight ounces a fresh mushrooms sliced you have to
saute them nothing you just put them in I this is leptin onion soup mix and you would use one are below I’m
going to use one on the low end here be close again and making you heard but say so I sprinkling it the ship next pretty simple take I suppose I thought funny then hid I didn’t open any can when this on television if
you’ve ever seen my recipe for been occupying your no I took me
about 15 minutes to open a can and I said I’ll never do that again I didn’t know I have so much trouble
opening net on the menu AF a this that’s going to be my and now I’m gonna put my the II mushrooms and again you’re going to use eight ounces the sliced mushrooms and I’m going to play it they call for green
pepper placed I don’t like green pepper teams
made takes over that whole flavor the dish so I rather have
the caller papers when I was shopping today I only found the red if there’d been a yellow or orange I
would have gotten on a beach because that kinda make some more interesting color i SAT just again
not so tater anything just put it right in there any case it in Niamey scholar so far you
can clearly this is really easy I did the papers but it only took me
about five minutes to cut on the end anti demand now just cut them off into
smaller pieces and we’re done with that now ikan one can I’ll I use the tea cup diced tomatoes but diced tomatoes have any type sixty a
16-ounce cans which you would use I’m going to use it can hear it again now I put it through every year because
going to use the juice so these are the two major put in a
strainer over measuring cup and now I’m gonna put that to me is in
here know what just a simple to do it with your hands she you can see there’s a lot of juice
in the two major they’re going to awaken that use in the
mushrooms and the onions and we’re almost done we’re going to yet a one sauce are you familiar with it’s a
typical steak sauce called a one sauce and this is corn starch so you would have a here a cop I’ll the lemon up the tomato liquid from
your canned tomatoes and you’re going to mix that yet got mine awareness but see how much a tablespoon have a one sauce cell a tablespoon cornstarch only I need hand so that is a tablespoon Ave one source a tablespoon of
cornstarch and half I have quarter teaspoon assault I am really falling down on the job here C okay simeon remix the tablespoon enhanced it’s very think day hymns use ok here looks at and so we’re gonna get some juice than the
cornstarch is going to help picking out a little
bit not just gonna after this with a West we get a mixture into the get that cornstarch dissolved in air okay I’m just gonna pour this over yep and poured over I’m gonna cover with
foil and I’m gonna cook for two hours and
I’ll take it out a simple thing making noodles and green
beans or something and your time but meanwhile in your
company comes there’s no last-minute thing to do with this it’s fine it’s done just turn off the
oven to keep kid anything it will burn were key hit
hard crust on it or anything like that it’s a good waiting to ship pp if you
find you everything’s a little later than you thought from the covers with playoff naked take it were to our by marge is out in the open please don’t
tell my husband I perhaps cappers cumulative am going to bring some fresh
parsley mine which may have been grilling or and
no just a little more interesting color kinda wish I had your papers today March
because I think it makes I think it makes a nice change we’re
going to put this ever do those and as you can see you it’s done just
take it to the table you not doing anything at the last minute so really is a perfect dish for company
and I’d like to introduce you to the people who are going to you tonight as I told my friend whether
I procedure has been clipped and Courtney
are like so they’re not like this but pretty much the families here other
than that I want you to meet my to wear and her name is universal in cash that Kathy honey you know our hair has been
calm if we can all again in here this is her happy town are and their son Tom who is my producer
director and general nuisance tumblr okay eroded yeah don’t use here my son Craig and his
lovely wife Phyllis my daughter in law and they’re not leave
your day and your son Craig a and how you’re going to meet the man who
drew the parsley and likes the paper Monday and this is
the guy does it all and take me away I’m wonderful tracks so we thank you for visiting we’d love
to have you come and we’re so happy to be together
tonight here and I wish the same for you when you
make with the at some point this year but I yeah yeah d